swissQprint Karibu Paves The Way For Future Growth

Grady and Todd Davis, Super Sign Mart with three swissQprint technicians.

The swissQprint flatbed printer commissioned in August 2019 marked a turning point for Super Sign Mart of Louisiana. That machine was joined in December 2019 by Karibu, the swissQprint roll to roll printer – and the first such machine in North America.

‘We have long been on the lookout for a reliable, user-friendly and economical solution,’ said Super Sign Mart CEO Todd Davis. ‘And since August 2019, we have one.’ Over a twelve-year period, Super Sign Mart in Louisiana has operated more than ten different large format printers. ‘But we were never really satisfied,’ Davis explained. That changed with the installation of the Impala 3 flatbed printer, which, according to Davis, brought a rapid and noticeable improvement of the business results. ‘Nothing can compare with the reliability of the printer and the ease of working with swissQprint,’ he added. Under these circumstances, it was an easy decision for him to invest in a new swissQprint roll to roll printer.

The Karibu began operating at Super Sign Mart in December 2019. It was the first Karibu that swissQprint delivered to North America following the model’s October 2019 launch at Printing United in Dallas. Davis summarised the benefits, ‘Finally, we have reliable colour consistency, no more unscheduled service calls and significantly lower operating costs, especially since we no longer have to constantly invest in new print heads.’

Super Sign Mart operates as a digital printer in the B2B market and supplies various graphic service providers. Davis noted how print runs are going down in size, jobs are growing in diversity and customers are demanding ever shorter delivery times. Especially considering the swissQprint large format printers’ reliability, Super Sign Mart can confidently face up to these new requirements. For Davis, a prime example of increased efficiency is the Mesh Kit integrated into the Karibu print bed. ‘Changeover from a banner job to a mesh job is done quickly, with no conversion needed,’ said Davis. ‘It’s a clean and efficient solution.’

Grady Davis, Super Sign Mart VP of Operations, summed up, ‘Karibu paves the way for future growth because, thanks to swissQprint, we are a reliable partner for our customers.’

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