EFI Reports Successful 2D CAD Implementation

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Macron is enjoying the benefits of EFI Optitex 2D CAD and fully digital design, noting significant enhancements in the company’s design and production workflow, increased speed and ease of use, and time and resource savings.

Macron also reports improved communication with designers, improved data sharing with global production partners, and seamless integration with various design software and other CAD/production solutions used by third-party vendors.

With headquarters in Bologna, Italy and sales throughout Europe and around the globe, Macron has four dedicated business units: Teamwear, Merchandising, Run and Train, and Athleisure, and over 150 monobrand retail locations, all backed by the company’s unique concept of product customisation.

After a short training period, Macron’s CAD team implemented EFI Optitex into its design and production process, enabling the company to expand its pattern design capabilities while also adding a new design facility in Tianjin, China.

‘Since implementing EFI Optitex 2D CAD, we have improved our operational efficiency across the board,’ said Paolo Guizzardi, Macron’s COO. ‘We look forward to a long-term relationship with EFI Optitex, with plans to further explore the company’s innovative solutions to meet athletes’ needs and accelerate our development process worldwide.’

EFI Optitex General Manager Amir Lehr commented, ‘We are proud to support Macron with strong digital solutions to deliver high-quality products and guarantee their continued growth. At EFI Optitex, enabling our customers to gain a competitive edge via digital transformation is key. The team at Macron has proven that this can be done.’

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