Join Sign Africa LIVE For A Free Equipment Demonstration And Covid-19 Applications Session

Midcomp, Zünd and HP are hosting a free equipment demonstration and Covid-19 applications session on the new Sign Africa LIVE platform. This engaging session will feature live demonstrations and an interactive Q&A session with industry specialists, suppliers and leading print service providers.

The core theme for this live session is focused on the equipment used to manufacture various PPE solutions and other applications centred around the current Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

LIVE session overview:

– Introduction to the Midcomp Innovation Hub and Disaster recovery centre.
– HP Latex and HP Stitch Covid-19 solutions such as social distancing demarcations, signage and masks.
– Zünd Swiss digital cutting equipment Covid-19 solutions such as such as sneeze guards, face shields and masks, hospital room partitions, shop partitions, etc.
– A panel discussion with industry experts, suppliers and leading print service providers like Robin Sprong from Robin Sprong Wallpapers and Darryn Potgieter from The Media Shack.
– A high impact Q&A session.

Midcomp will be streaming live from the Midcomp Innovation Hub in Randburg, Johannesburg. This unique facility is not only a demonstration facility but provides a practical solution to Midcomp’s customers in the event of serious disruptions. Their PPU customers have access to a comprehensive range of advanced technologies where they can just pick up production where they left off.

Another important dimension of the Innovations Hub is training. Over and above the usual on-site training at the time of commissioning of new equipment, print service providers are encouraged to spend time expanding their knowledge under the guidance of Midcomp’s expert team.

Date: Tuesday, 2 June 2020
Time: 11AM SAST

Seats are limited. Register here for the free session:

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3A Composites Materials Used For Wide PPE Range

Johannesburg-based signage, banner and graphic design business SK52 has created PPE solutions using 3A Composites’ materials.

The company created face shields for children with 0.5mm Lumex and the stand to hold them with 10mm SMART X®. These were all printed on a 1625 EFI UV printer and cut on a MultiCam.

The company has also created sneeze screens in various sizes using 5mm CRYLUX®, a reclining hospital bed that can be flat packed and easily assembled using FOAMALITE®, and sanitiser stations for high and low traffic areas using DIBOND® 3mm. They have been used in hospitals and supermarkets, and sold online and in store.

‘We chose 3A Composites because of the product availability, and because these products are very easy to work with,’ said SK52 director Craig Drummond. ‘The materials last longer and perform better during fabrication. They also hold ink better than other substrates and the materials have also been properly tested and approved.’

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3A Composites
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+27 71 671 7526

INFiLED Introduces New LED Series For Outdoor Advertising Applications

The MV Series will be available in multiple sizes, such as 1000 x 1000mm, 1000 x 500mm, 500 x 1000mm, and 500 x 500mm. It has a brightness of 5000 nits, refresh rate of 3,840GHZ, IP65 rate and 10.4-pixel pitch. More pixel pitch options will be available after the release.

Suitable for a wide range of fixed outdoor advertising applications, the product features a light-control sensor for day and night automatic brightness adjustment as well as a Remote Display Monitoring System.

Featuring a slim and lightweight aluminium profile system frame, MV series offers a balance between weight and durability to withstand harsh environmental factors such as direct UV rays, varying temperatures, constant vibrations, and severe weather conditions. It is a reliable choice for DOOH that provides exceptional and vivid image quality with high brightness, high refresh rate and high contrast under any light condition.

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Mimaki Technology Optimises Mask Production

The TR300-1850C pre-treatment unit, originally designed for inkjet printing applications, can now process mask materials, simply by using it with different chemicals.

‘Appropriate fabric preparation is essential for producing masks. At the moment, this remains one of the trickiest aspects for operators in the textile sector,’ explained Marco Vanzini, Sales Director at Mimaki Bompan Textile. ‘Although it was developed for inkjet printing, the Mimaki TR300-1850C coater has demonstrated its suitability for the specific treatments, making mask materials sterile and impermeable.’

Part of the TR Series, an innovative range of pre and post-treatment systems developed by Mimaki, the TR300-1850C digital coater offers a compact design for installation in any production environment. Easy to use, this roll-to-roll unit makes it simple to apply the coating: once inserted, the fabric passes through a padder, where it is implanted with the selected chemicals, then proceeding to successive phases through squeeze rollers and a dryer, before being rewound into a roll.

Using the coater to meet the mask challenge, fabrics can be treated with water-soluble antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral disinfectants, such as salicylic acid and bleach. As for impermeability, this can be obtained by dissolving silicone-based products in water.

‘We are convinced of the potential of this solution, not only in helping to optimise mask production today, but also in opening up a brighter, more optimistic perspective for the steps ahead. It is clear by now that masks and facial PPE will be part of our everyday lives even after the worst of the Covid-19 crisis, in what is called phase 2. It will be important to be prepared, adapting production methods to offer accessories that are both functional and pleasant to wear,’ added Vanzini. ‘Fabrics pre-treated with the TR300-1850C coater can be decorated and personalised using Mimaki sublimation transfer printing plotters, meeting the demand for trendy accessories that is sure to come from the market.’

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Graphix Supply World
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Enfocus Announces New Software Release

Enfocus BoardingPass is a standalone application that allows sales and customer service agents in print to instantly validate PDF files. Integrated with an email client, BoardingPass points out errors that would require a file to be sent back to the customer for resubmission, and automatically drafts a reply.

Without having to wait for prepress intervention, BoardingPass gives customer service agents the power to provide customers with understandable feedback. Starting in July, BoardingPass will be offered as a public beta.

‘When talking to customers, we noticed a lot of frustration among printers who are hindered by long turnaround times getting feedback from prepress before they can reply to a customer,’ said Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager, Enfocus. ‘This creates an enormous sense of frustration for both the customer and the printer, and has a knock-on effect in production and customer satisfaction. BoardingPass empowers customer-facing staff to be able to easily analyse a PDF file and respond to a customer within minutes, not hours or days.’

BoardingPass will instantly communicate an understandable reply to the file supplier, saving customer service time and prepress resources. Customers get an understandable takeaway that enables them to keep their print project on schedule. Prepress staff gain confidence in PDF quality, knowing that incoming jobs have received a BoardingPass approval.

‘It is frustrating for a customer to think their order is being worked on, only to find out days later that file adjustments need to be made. Prepress teams are using PitStop Pro to perform preflight, which is a very technical product. So, we envisioned an easy-to-use tool which gives the CSR the power to do basic file checking upfront.’

Switch is the automation platform and foundation for unifying workflow. PitStop is the validation and repair solution for automating PDF file processes. BoardingPass is the frontline PDF gatekeeper for checking files into a print production workflow. As the newest member of the Enfocus product family, BoardingPass is waiting to be tried and tested.

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How Sign And Print Providers Can Spend Lockdown Effectively

According to Michelle Johnson, Director of Worldwide Marketing at SAi, with only so many box sets available on Netflix, now could be a good opportunity to learn new skills, so that when we eventually come out the other side and business resumes fully, you’re even better equipped to make up for lost time.

As most of the world continues to hunker down and endure a prolonged period of lockdown, it’s fair to say the current circumstances in which we find ourselves are perhaps the most peculiar that many of us will see in our lifetime.

As far as work goes, the nature of some roles enable some to work remotely from home; others, especially production-focused roles, have seen many people compelled to work shorter weeks, or more likely forced to sit at home for an indefinite period. As inconvenient and unwanted as it is, if you’re one of those in this situation, this could be a good period to find time that you otherwise may not have during normal conditions.

There is a wealth of content available to sign and large format print providers, much of it free-of-charge and within easy reach on platforms like YouTube. Whether focused on hardware, software or materials, such pre-recorded training videos and tutorials give users the flexibility to learn invaluable tips and tricks to improve efficiencies and inject creativity into their design to print operations.

The added ability to pause and rewind also offers the convenience to stop whenever desired and pick it up again at a more suitable time. If you’re someone who likes to be in ‘the now’, then Webinars and Live Sessions are another good option. Even during the ongoing upheaval, many suppliers are still offering free tutorials presenting important information and special insights on how to get the most from their products. If you haven’t already, I would recommend that you check if your own providers are offering such programmes.

These sessions often cover detailed demonstrations of key tools and techniques designed to enable signmaking users and large format print providers to leverage the wider potential of their printers, software or consumables.

Certain suppliers are also continuing to deliver personalised one-on-one training programmes, which for a small fee, include on-hand specialists who guide users through the exact skills needed for their product solutions. Again, ideal for those who are looking to get back up-and-running as soon as we’ve turned the corner on the coronavirus.

Hopefully, for those at the coalface of the sign and display industry, things will be back to normal sooner rather than later. And if I’m guessing correctly that ‘normal’ means a sudden yet welcome return to long days and demanding customers, then now might be the most convenient time to check out some of the useful educational opportunities that I’ve mentioned. After all, as the saying goes – ‘you learn something new every day’.

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CHILI Publish Releasing New Software Version

Version 6 of CHILI publisher consists of the most elaborate feature set to date. It is available as a SaaS solution (CHILI publisher Online) and empowers users to give customers self-service access within any e-commerce, branding, marketing, print, or visual creation set-up. Version 6 includes improvements to enhance the user experience, improve content control, and tune PDF output.

The company will release this version on June 15. New features facilitate the online editing user experience and speed up the flawless production of on-brand visuals. Its SaaS solution, CHILI publisher Online, also features the revolutionary Dynamic Layouts concept. This technique enables users to adjust elements on the canvas by relative – not absolute – values. Any original design within a Smart Template can now be turned into any custom-size visual by any user.

Following enhancements are included:

– Property formulas.
– Selectable reference points for transformations.
– Leading and tracking controls for copy fitting.
– New cropping mode.
– Custom path editor.
– Font subsets for PDF output.

Dynamic  Layouts is a new methodology for building the most flexible Smart Templates using a combination of alternate layouts, object anchoring, and a new property formulas option. It starts with a whole new way of positioning elements on a canvas. Instead of starting from an origin point and using a transformation matrix (x and y coordinates, scale, and rotation) with absolute values in inches, mm, px, or degrees of rotation, Dynamic Layouts use relative values. These can be relative to canvas size, another element’s position/size/rotation, variables or any data source (PIM, DAM, etc.)

Customers can now create a single template that can accommodate output of literally any size while the content can reflow in a pre-planned, intelligent way. Practically, this means any design can be turned into one Smart Template in CHILI publisher. With Dynamic Layouts, that unique design creates outdoor signage, a beach flag, floor sticker, an email header, a webpage header, a LinkedIn graphic, an Instagram post, a Facebook ad, anything. Users can now DIY their own visuals without burdening the designer or marketing department. Smart Templates will make sure that the brand guidelines are protected at all times.

Scaling variables to leverage content scaling

Allowing everything on the page to be sized and positioned relative to page elements and the page itself unlocks a new level of flexibility. It makes it possible to create insanely intelligent templates with minimal effort. Just plug in the pixel dimension and out pops a perfectly sized graphic that’s ready to go. Any marketer, brand owner, printer, or user can scale visuals, leverage content creation everywhere and scale the content distribution worldwide.

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Bandit Bike Graphics Acquires Racestar Graffix

Motocross and Enduro bike graphics specialist, Bandit Bike Graphics (Bandit GFX), has acquired Racestar Graffix. In addition, from Monday 1 June, Bandit GFX in Strydompark is fully operational, and it will be business as usual. 

Bandit Signs managing director Darryl Curtis said, ‘It was totally unexpected, who would have thought that Racestar Graffix and Bandit GFX would become one and the same? But truth be told, it was a match made in heaven. The two companies ran separately, but they are so much alike, which made the transition effortless. It was meant to be.’

‘The team will be stronger than ever with Alex Nardini and Wesley du Plooy coming on board to join Mauritz Meiring’s team, with Ricky Raaff and Clinton Dick. All artwork from both companies has been centralised – the printing machines are the same, so colour consistency and quality will remain high,’ added Curtis.


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011 462 5520

Intamarket Graphics Announces School Desk Dividers

With South Africa preparing for the re-opening of schools, Intamarket has announced its school desk dividers. Larger options are available. The dividers are hard-wearing and durable, can include customised school-branding, and are made in South Africa.

Option A: without PET screen and 6mm desk divider. Size: 600 x 600 x 600mm.

Option B: with PET screen and 6mm desk divider. Size – 600 x 600 x 600mm.

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Tel: (+27 11) 444 0404
Intamarket Logo

Macquip Introduces Misting Spray Tunnels And Contactless Hand Disinfectant Dispensers

Macquip Engineering has designed disinfectant systems as an added disinfectant measure to kill all bacteria and viruses on the surface of the skin and clothing.

Misting spray tunnel specifications:

– Robust modular panel design.
– Quick assembly.
– 0.8kw stainless steel pump fully enclosed.
– 500L tank.
– Mist spray system activated by motion sensor.
– 2mm clear PVC strip curtain.
– 100% organic and eco-friendly disinfectant.

Spraying systems combined with organic fresh disinfectant safety aspects:

– Non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-corrosive.
– Eliminates 99.9% of harmful viruses, bacteria, yeast, moulds and fungi.
– Safe for skin contact and the environment.
– No chlorine and alcohol.
– SABS approved.
– Safe for humans and food.
– 100% natural biocide, organic and biodegrable.
– Hospital grade disinfectant.

Macquip contactless hand disinfectants dispenser specifications:

– Manufactured from 304 stainless steel sheet-metal.
– 220V or 12V recharegable options.
– 40L tank for disinfectant.
– Stainless steel spray nozzle activated by infrared sensor.
– Nozzle dispenses average 40ml/minute (2.4L/hour of running time).
– +/- 12,500 hands can be disinfected from a 25L mix (average 3 seconds per set of hands).
– 100% organic and eco-friendly disinfectant.

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Macquip & Screenwise
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