Mimaki Announces RIP Software Webinar

Mimaki is hosting a webinar on its advanced RIP Software, Rasterlink 6 Plus. There will be a live demonstration by experienced application specialists and attendees will learn how the right software can help them achieve higher print quality.

The webinar will cover:

– Basic functionalities and features of Rasterlink 6 Plus.
– Different editing methods such as jig printing, tiling and multi-layer printing.
– Setting up the right quality and colour accuracy for print jobs.

Date: Tuesday, 26 May 2020
Time: 11:00 AM (CEST – Amsterdam)
Duration: +/- 50 minutes
Language: English

Spots are limited. You can join the session by using a Mac, PC or a mobile device. You will receive a link a few hours before the start of the webinar. Register here.

Keynote Speakers:

Mark Sollman, Application Manager at Mimaki Europe.
Pim de Vries, Application Specialist at Mimaki Europe.

For queries, contact webinar@mimakieurope.com

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Don’t Slip Up On Ensuring The Safety Of Floor Graphics

According to David Morgan, Technical Assistance, Drytac Europe, to ensure floor graphics are appropriate for their setting, you should invest in the right product. When public safety is a priority, it’s not enough to use any self-adhesive graphics media that sticks to the floor – only a product designed specifically for this application should be used. This is, partly, because it will have been tested and rated for its slip resistance.

Floor graphics are an effective tool in many scenarios and are increasingly used to guide the public around a space safely. By reminding people to keep their distance, often acting as a visual barrier, floor graphics can play a key role in maintaining a safe but efficient flow of shoppers and other groups. However, if the intention is to protect people, the last thing anyone wants is to create an injury risk.

It is important to carefully consider all the conditions a floor graphic will be subjected to – and not just wet or dry situations. Contaminates like oil will affect floor friction more so than water. Floors at a gradient are also different to level floors, and the amount or type of traffic endured by the graphic will impact the durability.

The test standards used to measure slip resistance vary across different geographical regions and even within the same country. Comparison between the standards is difficult as each will either differ slightly in test method or by using completely different instruments, but all are essentially measuring the same thing: floor friction. The standards, outlined here, are also applicable to South Africa.

Fire ratings are also applicable to floor graphics. Ensure all products used in a public space have achieved a sufficient fire safety certification. The manufacturer or supplier of your selected floor graphics product will be able to tell you both the slip rating and fire rating – and to help you choose the right media for your specific environment.

Another reason for choosing a specialist floor graphics media is to avoid a trip hazard. These products will have been developed to adhere securely to most typical floor surfaces (but, again, check your intended setting) without tearing or curling at the edges. They may have been engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic, high-heeled shoes and machinery without being damaged.

It’s important to keep floor graphics clean – this is crucial if they display safety or directional information. Even with a specifically designed product, special care should be taken to minimise the adhesive’s exposure to water and cleaning products as these can degrade the bond to the floor and create a tripping hazard. You can minimise the risk of lifting by edge-sealing the graphic upon application.

The print itself should withstand cleaning chemicals too, as well as potential fading from UV light, so check that the product is compatible with both your cleaning solutions and the ink technology used to print it. Most specialist floor graphics films are designed for vibrant, long-lasting results with all major digital printing technologies.

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Markzware Announces New Software Update

The new version of IDMarkz (v1.5.7) has the added ability to export Adobe InDesign document stories as TXT, RTF or HTML, and can also convert InDesign to IDML, without previewing.

It also features improved text wrap settings, as well as the wait on the alert about file modification or deletion until the application becomes active. IDMarkz now displays more master page items in the previews, chains text in multi-column boxes, and more seamlessly opens IDML in Affinity Publisher via the Automation feature.

IDMarkz allows users to take control of their creations by giving them the ability to preview InDesign files and the power to move those documents to their preferred editing applications within QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, older Adobe InDesign versions, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, and many other formats.

Markzware helps to democratise InDesign content, for use in many popular desktop publishing applications. Users can open, preview, export, convert and automate the conversion of Adobe InDesign (.indd) files. IDMarkz uses its own engine and technology to generate high-resolution file previews, without the need for the Adobe InDesign application or Creative Cloud subscription requirements and costs.

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Canon Launches UVgel Wallpaper Factory With Partner Fotoba

The UVgel Wallpaper Factory solution can be integrated into an existing workflow thanks to the Colorado’s open interface structure, giving users the option to choose input and output solutions from different suppliers.

Designed for maximum throughput, high quality and to run all day long, it’s the ideal solution for automated production of customised wallpapers. Reinforcing Canon’s commitment to its customers, the UVgel Wallpaper Factory is available as a complete end-to-end solution for new customers and as an upgrade for existing Colorado roll-to-roll large format printers.

The UVgel Wallpaper Factory is a fully modular workflow solution consisting of a motorised Fotoba Jumbo Roll media loader (JRL), which is connected to the front of a Colorado large format roll-to-roll printer. The printer is connected to the Fotoba Cutter XLD 170WP and Rewinder REW 162 to automatically cut flexible media into custom sizes and lengths. And with the embedded taping unit, it’s as simple as ‘print, cut, rewind and tape’. The job is finished and wallpaper rolls are ready for immediate delivery. For regular print jobs, the two media drawers of the Colorado remain accessible.

The high-volume media feeder in combination with the productive Colorado printer delivers outstanding production throughput. Automated and unattended, from media input straight to finished output, users can rely on the UVgel Wallpaper Factory to get the job done. Achieve full automation to boost volumes and maximise profits.

Dimensional stability and colour consistency are critical in wallpaper production to ensure a precise match from panel to panel. The benefit of UVgel inks is that they do not require heat to dry, so there is no media distortion with prints produced with the Colorado, resulting in a high quality finished product. For those producing large volumes of multi-panel wallcoverings, UVgel technology offers maximum control of dot gain and delivers optimal colour consistency print after print, even when produced across multiple printers and at different times. Reprint orders with guaranteed colour consistency – an essential in the digital wallpaper printing market – are now easier than ever thanks to UVgel technology.

UVgel inks are odourless and certified GREENGUARD Gold, AgBB, and Type II by ASTM, so wallpapers printed on the Colorado are safe to use indoors. And with the unique FLXfinish technology, users can offer customised wallpaper with a velvety matte finish to stand out from the competition and fuel growth.

Dirk Brouns, Vice President, Large Format Graphics at Canon Production Printing, commented, ‘Our customers repeatedly tell us that our UVgel technology is enabling them to explore new growth opportunities in the interior decoration market. That’s why we’ve developed the UVgel Wallpaper Factory in partnership with Fotoba. The highly automated workflow solution enables customers to print exceptional quality wallpaper in quicker turnaround times, helping them to expand their offering in this market. From customer feedback to date, we’re confident that this is a game-changer for high-volume digital wallpaper manufacturing.’

Find out more about the UVgel Wallpaper Factory and Canon’s solutions in the interior décor market here: https://canon.sm/wallpaperfactory

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Vastex Introduces Face Mask Pallet For Rapid Screen Printing

According to Vastex International president Mark Vasilantone, since they are disposable and purchased daily in the millions, masks hold enormous volume potential for printers, not only as custom jobs but as highly creative stock designs that can be sold online for political, athletic, comical or other applications. 

Vastex has responded to this need with a new Face Mask Pallet with a Quick-Stretch design for rapid screen printing on a wide variety of face mask types and styles. Rubber strips of the Quick-Stretch frame stretch single or multi-layer mask material over the diamond shaped, rubber covered pallets, flattening pleats and contours in the imprint area with no shifting or need for pallet adhesive.

The never-warp pallet is constructed of high-strength steel and includes a convenient holder for the template frame during reloading of masks. A list of sources for face mask blanks is included as standard.

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TouchSource Announces Contactless Suite Of Digital Solutions

The TouchSource Contactless Suite of solutions include a new mobile-enabled interactive directory. The fully interactive applications allow visitors to seamlessly see and scan information from digital displays to mobile phones without touching the screen.

The solutions deliver highly visual, digital information that keeps pace with rapid messaging changes in any location at a safe distance, and also lets visitors scan that information to their personal mobile device. This extends TouchSource contactless personal solutions without sacrificing interactivity or the cost and hassle of developing stand-alone apps.

This extension of a top property amenity, digital directories, to a relevant, interactive and easy mobile solution gives property managers a quick way to pivot in the face of post-Covid facility management needs. TouchSource’s Contactless Suite of solutions for the new normal include: contactless retail solutions; contactless visitor management; shift management solutions for production facilities; social distancing workspace schedule boards; live video remote monitoring of lobbies and spaces from the directory; camera-based density analytics for social distance monitoring and contactless messaging boards.

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Africa News: Company Invests In Second Agfa Inkjet Printer

Ivory Coast-based company IPB recently invested in another Agfa Anapurna – an RTR3200i LED.

According to Agfa, the client has been a loyal customer for many years, using an Anapurna H3200i LED inkjet printer and Agfa inks. This six-colour heavy-duty roll-to-roll printer prints top-quality indoor and outdoor banners and billboards at speeds up to 127sqm/hr.

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Drytac Releases Antimicrobial Film

Drytac’s Protac Antimicrobial is composed of a textured polyester with a hard top coat. The antimicrobial additives are incorporated during the manufacturing process to ensure even distribution throughout the top coating.

These antimicrobial agents disrupt the microbial cell wall of bacteria and fungus, inhibiting growth for up to 15 years. The film’s chemistry also provides scratch and chemical resistance, which allows daily cleaning without loss of effectiveness.

Thanks to its reliable and consistent protection from contaminants including MRSA, streptococcus, E. coli, salmonella and more, Protac Antimicrobial is ideal for use in environments where hygiene is of particular importance, such as hospitals, schools, nurseries, restaurants and cafeterias.

It also provides extra peace of mind for anyone conscious of hygiene on surfaces such as counters, control panels, door plates, switches and equipment, and on signage and POP graphics and displays. Its textured yet clear finish ensures colours are not diminished while providing good resistance to abrasions. The film has a thickness of 150μ (6 mil), a width of up to 1200mm and a textured matte finish.

Drytac has developed Protac Antimicrobial with a solvent acrylic adhesive for permanent applications and comes with an indoor durability of up to 15 years. ‘Protac Antimicrobial is ideal for preventing the growth and spread of bacteria from touch surfaces,’ commented Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager for Drytac. ‘Its applications in environments such as hospitals and health centres are practically limitless, with many more potential sites in retail, education, transport and hospitality. For anyone with concerns about hygiene and contamination, this innovative product can help.’

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Due to high demand for this product, the next consignment is arriving at the end of June. Contact Midcomp for further enquiries:

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Ritrama Announces New Eco-Friendly Films

The new PO-PET FILMS range, made up of four types of films with white or transparent, or matte or glossy finish, respond to each creative need and message for indoor communication: exhibitors in retail outlets, billboards, graphic personalisation for stands and events, and shop windows and shopping centres.

RI-JET 375 ECO MATT WHITE is a white polypropylene film with a matte effect for interior decoration. The special formulation of the face of this product makes it free from chlorine, halogens, plasticisers and phthalates – a fundamental characteristic for its application and use in all those market segments where non-PVC synthetic films are required. Furthermore, being lighter than traditional PVC, numerous advantages can be obtained during transport, resulting in a lower total weight of material transported and consequent reduction in CO2 emissions.

All these characteristics, together with the recyclable polypropylene face and the production process with reduced environmental impact (ISO 14001 certification), make this film an eco-friendly hero. It’s the ideal testimonial for any green-oriented advertising campaign.

The film combines sustainability and technical performance in terms of printability, conformability, durability and opacity. It is particularly suited for indoor applications like promotional panels, ads, shop windows and signs, and thanks to its matte finish, it that there will be no glare or reflection. Good conformability and dimensional stability also guarantee perfect adhesion even on slightly curved 2D surfaces.

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Printing SA Announces Update To TERS Notice

Printing SA has updated the COVID-19 Temporary Employer Relief Scheme (TERS) notice from the Department of Labour with new information.

Read the updated document and annexure document below:



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