EFI Achieves Wallcovering Certification

According to Hanan Yosefi, vice president, EFI Inkjet Israel, there has been a rise in popularity for wallcoverings and interior décor applications over the last few years, which for the company is an exciting trend as it offers a wide range of products for that growing market with its roll-to-roll UV LED printers.

Digital inkjet roll-to-roll UV LED printers from EFI continue to deliver innovations for superwide format graphics production printing, and they have now achieved an important certification for the quality and durability of prints used for décor applications. EFI roll-to-roll UV LED printers have earned a Type II certification for wallcoverings based on The Wallcovering Association W-101 and ASTM F793 standards.

‘This certification proves once again EFI’s approach to delivering the best to the market – giving its customers the ability to produce a wide range of challenging applications with the highest print quality at the lowest cost of production,’ said Yosefi.

Wallcoverings submitted to gain the certification were printed and tested on the 20 oz. DreamScape® line of wallcovering base material from Rockaway, N.J-based Roysons™. The Type II certification is an indicator for quality, safety and durability of wallcoverings and, unlike other Type II certifications for digital inkjet printers, EFI’s new certification covers wallcoverings produced without lamination or coating.

‘These certifications should assure print service providers that the product they can produce meets all of the critical regulatory aspects of a true commercial wallcovering,’ said Roy Ritchie, Jr., president of DreamScape. ‘In addition, EFI customers who print on DreamScape base wallcoverings can enjoy increased efficiency and productivity, since they do not require the additional step of coating or lamination to reach this level of durability. DreamScape has worked closely with EFI for several years and it is easy to recommend their advanced and versatile roll-to-roll machines.’

EFI’s new Type II certification applies to EFI’s extensive portfolio of UV LED roll-to-roll printers – including the EFI Pro 32r+, and VUTEk 3r+/5r+, D3r/D5r, and new Q3r/Q5r printers. The wallcoverings were tested for durability and tear resistance; scrubbability and washability; colour fastness; Class A fire retardancy and safety; and more.

Along with the Type II certification, EFI roll-to-roll digital UV LED printers also received the Class A fire rating according to The Wallcovering Association’s evaluation and ASTM E84. The Type II designation and existing UL GREENGUARD Gold certifications for select inks make EFI roll-to-roll solutions ideal for wallcoverings, décor and other indoor applications. These certifications complement each other and provide a complete picture of certification covering the performance, safety and durability of indoor applications.

EFI offers a wide range of roll-to-roll printers, available for customers at the lower, mid and higher-volume end of the signage and display graphics market. EFI roll-to-roll printers can deliver up to nine colours, feature a true resolution of up to 1200 dots per inch and EFI UltraDrop™ Technology with native 7-picolitre printheads with multi-drop addressability for high-definition image quality with outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients and transitions, as well as precise and sharp size text. The line-up of EFI roll-to-roll printers covers a broad range of production needs, with the most productive solution in the portfolio, the EFI VUTEk Q5r, capable of printing up to 672 square metres per hour.

The roll-to-roll printers’ UV LED curing ensures not only cost savings, but also a more environmentally friendly printing solution, consuming less energy and enabling the use of thinner, lower cost substrates. The printers also feature EFI’s ‘Power Tool’ options for advanced productivity and capabilities, including in-line quality inspection, in-line slitting and cutting, roll and tape collection, auto-calibration, automated backlit printing, automated blockout printing and much more.

Graphix Supply World
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Kornit Direct To Fabric Printing Solution Chosen For On-Demand Manufacturing Opportunities

Kornit Presto is an advanced single-step solution for direct-to-fabric printing, enabling Fashion-Enter Ltd. to rapidly deliver test-and-repeat small product runs on behalf of global online fashion retailer ASOS. These production capabilities will enable ASOS and Fashion-Enter Ltd. to imprint designs on multiple fabrics at the push of a button, through a lower-impact production process that has zero water waste and accelerates production speeds by cutting out typical dyeing processes.

ASOS and its supplier Fashion-Enter Ltd. are implementing Kornit Presto to explore the future opportunities presented by on-demand manufacturing. ‘Adopting innovative new technologies like Kornit Presto is vital if we are to reduce the impact of fashion right across the supply chain, in line with the aims of our Fashion with Integrity programme,’ said Simon Platts, Responsible Sourcing Director at ASOS.

‘Streamlined print and workflow means we can explore the full potential of this innovative technology, further enhance our ability to react quickly to seasonal shifts in demand and establish more efficient, lower-impact production processes.’

‘The future of fashion will be driven by e-commerce and a more conscientious consumer, one who demands unlimited means of self-expression and will shop only with brands that live up to their values,’ said Chris Govier, KDEU Managing Director. ‘Kornit Digital is the technology partner for brands that want to meet those needs and work towards a more ethical textile industry through the adoption of digital, on-demand production, and we continue to invest in technologies, alliances and education to achieve that goal.’

In Kornit’s pigment-based digital textile production capabilities and efficient workflow solutions, Fashion-Enter Ltd. sees an answer for brands serving the needs of today’s consumers, while reducing inventory waste and improving supply chain management and garment quality. ‘We have worked with ASOS since 2008 and understand their commitment to quality ethical production and speed-of-response fashion,’ said Jenny Holloway, CEO at Fashion-Enter Ltd.

‘Working collaboratively with both ASOS and Kornit, FEL will develop an in-house new microfactory concept, providing an innovative interconnected fashion world, which has the capacity to eliminate waste, risks, limitations and pollutants from current outdated batch production. Our designer clients from our Fashion Studio services will also benefit from a fully-integrated design service with the Presto printer incorporating one-piece flow, further pushing the boundaries in the consumer’s voice for transparent speed-of-response fashion. We foresee this unique collaboration as a major step-change in fashion today, creating a new ethical and sustainable fashion community.’

Tel: +27 21 510 5665
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Website: http://www.rexxscreendigital.co.za

Zünd Cutter Speeds Up Production

Since the installation of the Zünd S3 L-1600, CP Composites have seen huge benefits of the new Zünd cutter within the business.

CP Composites was established in August 2011 in the town of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, an area well-known for composite laminating and motorsports manufacturing. The company began processing composite parts for the Le Mans LMP1 and LMP2 cars and as the company’s reputation for service began to spread, new customers came onboard from other motorsport sectors including World Rally Championship and Formula 1.

Brian Cooper Managing Director at CP Composites explained, ‘Our productivity has easily improved by 20% and our material efficiency usage has never been better. We have just found so many small gains, which have improved the overall process. For example, in the past we would need to visually set the blade depth and at times, ended up cutting into the bed. This created more problems because the loose belt fibres would end up cross contaminating the pre-impregnated (pre-preg) materials. But now this is done by the S3 cutter using a smart Integrated Tool Initialisation function. This enables automatic blade initialisation, allowing for optimum cutting depth setting, making the process far quicker and precise.’

CP Composites also opted for a front extension table on their Zünd S3 L-1600, which allows more working area for their operators. Cooper said, ‘The cutting bed size on the previous Exact cutter was smaller, meaning the cutter could only process smaller pre-preg rolls and we had no working area. This made picking small composite parts very difficult. The operators at CP Composites have also found the new nesting software much faster.’

Tel: +2711 789 1222
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Website: http://www.midcomp.co.za

Live Webinar: Kemtek And Epson Invite You To A Whole New Signage Experience

For this free live webinar, Kemtek and Epson invite you to expand your portfolio with the new SureColor SC-R5010 and the SC-5010L resin ink large format printer range and the superior-quality, high productivity SureColor SC-S40610/S60610 and S80610 signage series.

The SureColor SC-R5010 offers accurate, colour consistent, fast-drying and scratch-resistant prints on a wide range of substrates, using resin ink. This is Epson’s first resin ink large format printer. Printing on a wide range of substrates such as vinyl, banner, textile, canvas, wallpaper and film, it combines accuracy, media flexibility and reliability. The odourless water-based ink means printed applications can be used in sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals and hotels, as well as outdoor applications that require extreme durability.

The SureColor SC-S Series allow users to create everything from simple signage to high-end displays and décor on a range of substrates. Every single component of these printers has been designed and manufactured entirely by Epson to ensure seamless operation and guarantee professional-quality results.

Host: Meggan McCarthy, Editor of Sign Africa.


Aziza Mahomed – Kemtek Business Development Manager.
Vernon Mellors – Epson Corporate Account Manager.
Izak Brand – Epson Pre-Sales Manager.
Pascal Bardin – Caldera Area Sales Manager.

Date: Tuesday, 18 May 2021
Time: 11am -12:00pm (SAST)

A special Winter Warmer raffle prize hamper is also up for grabs.

Register for your free seat. You will automatically receive a replay link if you can’t make that time. Alternatively, you can also contact Aziza Mahomed for a dedicated on-site demonstration at: azizam@kemtek.co.za

Tel: +27 11 624 8000
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Website: http://www.kemtek.co.za


EPSON South Africa
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Website: http://www.epson.co.za

Read The Latest Online And Interactive Sign Africa Journal

The newest edition of Sign Africa Journal brings readers updates on the latest industry news. The magazine features exclusive product specials and informative features.

The front cover focuses on iPlastics, a provider of a wide variety of common sign materials, including: acrylic sheets, mirror acrylic, PVC foam board, aluminium composite panels, digital printable vinyls, PVC flex banners etc. The company carefully selects all the manufacturers they work with and they supply quality and affordable products.

The state of the signage industry in 2021: suppliers’ perspective

Sign Africa hosted a webinar on 15 April where signage and printing industry suppliers gave their views on industry trends, supplier issues and more.

How do we attract new and young talent to fuel future innovation in the print industry?

Those outside of the printing industry do not realise all that ‘print’ encompasses – everything from a calendar to instruction manuals, or wallpaper to window graphics.

There is greater potential for 3D Printing in africa

Africa started to deploy 3D printing over a decade ago and today there is even bigger potential for additive manufacturing on the continent.

Digitally printed surface decoration is a differentiator

For many years a range of industries have been using a variety of printing technologies to create decorative surfaces. From screen, offset and gravure printing, all have been used to create functional and decorative surfaces.

Using workflow to adapt to change in a print environment

Leveraging workflow software technology in the print environment can help businesses adapt to change.

Key tips for laser machine maintenance

If you examine your laser engraving/cutting machine only when it has started malfunctioning, you will lose valuable time and effort that is spent trying to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Six personalised product business ideas for weddings

Weddings are a category with enormous potential for your decoration business – from personalised bachelor/bachelorette shirts to luggage tags for the honeymoon.

Download a PDF of the magazine here.

Sign Africa Journal

Massivit 3D Launches Industrial-Grade 3D Printer

The Massivit 5000 will enable manufacturers and service providers across a range of industries to expedite their lead times for manufacturing large parts, prototypes and tooling by up to 30 times the production speed of existing technologies.

The printer is designed to dramatically expedite large-scale manufacturing, prototyping, and tooling for the automotive, marine and rail industries. Based on the company’s unique, patented Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology – already adopted across 40 countries for fast, cost-effective production of large parts – the Massivit 5000 introduces to the market new resolutions, materials and automation capabilities that address industry 4.0 needs, enabling production of large-scale parts within hours instead of weeks.

A new printing material, DIMENGEL 110, now available with the Massivit 5000, facilitates high-definition printing and greater fidelity to CAD designs. Two new resolutions enable print optimisation according to layer thickness and speed requirements. The Massivit 5000 offers a Dual Material System that allows operators to print simultaneously with a different material on each head. New software automation features also allow operators to improve workflow efficiencies and enable easy monitoring and operations.

This latest addition to the Massivit 3D portfolio of large-scale 3D printers facilitates complex, large parts up to 145cm x 111cm x 180cm that instantly cure during the printing process, enabling ready-made parts straight off the printer without the need for post-processing and with almost no required support structures.

Erez Zimerman, CEO at Massivit 3D said, ‘We are thrilled to bring to market this new additive manufacturing system that will empower manufacturers to overcome existing limitations in production speed, size and complexity. It is a significant milestone on our roadmap towards transforming manufacturing of large parts across multiple industries.’

According to Ian Mason, the company’s EMEA Business Development Manager, the Massivit 3D range of products are currently available directly from Massivit 3D, however Mason is actively looking for a reseller/distributor within the territory to assist with the growing demand around the world.

Commenting during the online launch, Mason said, ‘The registrants from South Africa and neighbouring countries were a pleasant surprise. It’s a great indicator that there are emerging markets for large format 3D printers in the territory.’


CGS ORIS Announces Digital Printing Partnership With China’s HanGlobal Group For Next Three Years

With the diversification of label products, small quantities and the development of multi Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), coupled with the Internet of Things, Internet plus and other factors, a growing demand for digital products is expected. The strong partnership between CGS ORIS and HanGlobal Group will give answers to that by providing reliable software solutions for the use of digital inkjet technology with accurate colour in the field of industrial printing.

In the initial phase of the agreement, CGS ORIS colour management solutions will be applied to the inkjet digital label and book presses. In the second phase, other digital printing presses of the HanGlory Group – a division of the HanGlobal Group – such as digital corrugated packaging printers, textile printers, large format UV printers and other digital printers, will follow.

‘Our common aim is to optimise digital printing processes and results and make it even more easier and faster for printing operators to achieve perfect print results. Especially, the handling and reproduction of spot colours play an important role for us,’ said Lilly Xiao, General Sales Manager Greater China at CGS ORIS. The partnership was cemented in a ceremony between Xiao and HanGlobal General Manager Li Hualin.

In addition, CGS ORIS software will be used to optimise and reduce the total ink volume. That leads to faster drying times and even higher production speed. Customers will profit from an increase in productivity and the ability to make full use of their presses while reducing production costs.

‘We are very glad about the partnership and are looking forward to bringing our colour management solution and experience to the new market to meet the growing number of needs on colour consistency, especially the accurate reproduction of spot colours on high-speed inkjet printers,’ said Christoph Thommessen, Managing Director Global Sales.

+27 11 462 4849

Video: Gencotech Demonstrates GCC Laser Engraver And Cutter

In this video, Gencotech’s Manager/Chief Service Engineer Nardus Mouton outlines the benefits of the GCC E200 40W laser engraver and cutter.

The machine features a 510mm x 330mm working area and its front door can open to accommodate larger working material.

The E200 includes a DC servo motor, faster speed and better precision. One of the important functions is true stamp making, which allows users to make good quality rubber stamps.

Items included:

– Laser system complete.
– Start-up serving and cleaning kit.
– Aluminium cutting grid.
– Air compressor.
– External extractor fan with ducting pipes (to extract fumes and smoke to the outside of your work place).
– Water chiller (to keep the laser tube at working temperatures).
– 2–3 days installation and training on-site.

Optional items:

– Rotary attachment to engrave wine bottles and glasses.
– CorelDRAW 2020 design software – full commercial edition.
– Indoor fume extractor.

Key highlights:

– High quality engraving and cutting.
– External water chiller can work for 8 hours guaranteed.
– The world’s first desktop laser engraver to use a closed loop servo motor. It is stable, fast and precise.
– LaserPro print driver is included, which is user friendly, powerful and professional.
– SmartJOB is designed for beginners/students. It is easy to use and compatible for Windows and Mac.
– 17.78cm (7”) touch screen. Users can easily set and troubleshoot on the machine.
– Special materials with a barcode/software will set the parameter automatically.

CCD camera

– The CCD camera can capture the working table, helping the user to ensure that the positioning of the material and the graphic is correct before output of the file.
– The CCD camera can also capture a picture of the desired artwork and by using the tracing ability of the software get the image vector ready for cutting or engraving in a simple few steps.

External water chiller

– The external water chiller enables the laser system to work all day without turning it off to cool down.
– The laser system is also protected with a water sensor to ensure the operation is safe. Should something go wrong with the water chiller, the sensor will ensure that there is no damage done to the laser itself.
– The chiller is also easy to refill when the water level gets low (no water connection needed).

Drawer type Smart BOX

The sliding drawer facilitates the cleaning of the E200, making it easy to remove pieces of material that fall through the work area. Simply pull out the drawer and slide it back in place after cleaning.

Complete connection ports

For maximum output convenience, the E200 has a full range of connectivity features, which include a USB port, ethernet port, and a Wi-Fi connection feature.

Gencotech Laser Marking
+27 12 253 1172/3/4
office@gencotech.co.za / nardus@gencotech.co.za

Midcomp Installs HP Latex Printers And A Cutter

Midcomp installed two HP Latex 570 printers and an HP Latex 160 cutter at Johannesburg-based Megalodon Branding by Stitched. Water-based HP Latex Technology is unique – delivering a combination of true application versatility, high image quality and high productivity, as well as a sustainable approach that is better for operators, businesses and the environment.

With the L570, experience quick and easy loading in one minute with the spindleless pivot table. Do all tasks from the front of the printer and enjoy unattended printing. Drive high productivity with fast print speeds, along with workflow and cost efficiencies.

Megalodon Branding by Stitched are manufacturers of a diverse range of products for the signage industry, including sharkfin banners, telescopic banners, banner walls, corporate flags, gazebos, vehicle wraps and much more. The company’s Nik Friebe explained that the 570’s Optimiser feature allows them to print faster at lower temperatures on a wider range of media. HP Latex inks also have superior scuff resistance, which sets the printers apart from others, and eliminates the need for laminating, simply allowing the company to print, cut and apply material to a vehicle.

‘We could only do so much with previous machines,’ said Friebe. ‘We needed something for more outdoor applications, especially vehicles and bikes, so we needed to upgrade the machines. Not having to laminate avoids extra costs. In fact, the only time you need to laminate with the HP Latex is with floor graphics, but that is just because of people walking over them. I have applied graphics to my own personal marketing car and the colour holds pretty well.’ He also said that loading and unloading from the front of the machine is a bonus for user safety and he is impressed with Caldera’s RIP software.

The Latex 160 cutter features a drag-knife with TurboCut and Tangential emulation modes, with a cut speed of up to 113cm/sec diagonal. Friebe praised its speed and ability to read barcodes, which are specific to a cut file, and thereby eliminate any mix up of prints.

The company is also on Midcomp’s ‘Pay Per Use’ (PPU) comprehensive and customised programme, which supports the HP Latex 300 and 500 series printers and ensures that users pay a fixed ‘per square metre’ charge for the square metres they print. Friebe praised the programme, as there are no hidden costs, as well as Midcomp’s service. ‘The service from Midcomp is good, whenever I needed something they have always gone the extra mile,’ he said.

Tel: +2711 789 1222
Email: sales@midcomp.co.za
Website: http://www.midcomp.co.za

Megalodon Branding By Stitched
+27 11 664 6014

Graphix Supply World Installs Large Format LED Roll-To-Roll Printer

Vantage Digital has purchased an EFI Vutek 5r+ through Graphix Supply World (GSW). The machine is considered one of the most technically advanced five-metre LED roll-to-roll printers on the market.

Vantage Digital is a large format digital printing company that runs 24 hours a day. Its large format printers enable the company to produce work on billboards and buildings for site wraps, as well as the likes of banners, backlit lightboxes and truck tarpaulins.

Vantage Digital’s Frank Vrany said, ‘With benefits like a better speed and quality ratio and white printing, the machine opens more possibilities for Out-of-Home printing. With the guaranteed quality and productivity, we can grow our existing customer base and focus on developing new markets.’

Vantage Digital have worked hand in hand over the past years with GSW and have procured several of its printers. ‘The professional installation and on site training conducted is highly commendable and our print operators received their certificates – passing the examination with flying colours,’ said Vrany.

GSW managing director Robert Franco said, ‘GSW and EFI are extremely proud to be associated with Vantage and have been a partner of Vantage for a number of years, having supplied numerous printing and finishing machines, and are sure that we will supply more EFI industrial printers in years to come.’

The EFI Vutek 5r+ features a completely reengineered printing algorithm, printing point conditions – such as pulse, temperature, voltage and frequency – for higher density and an overall quality improvement. The redesigned platform chassis elements ensure higher robustness and sustainability. Media handling accessories, such as the 7.6cm metal bar, improve 5m wide media loading.

Martin van Wyk, consultant to Vantage Digital, said Vantage Digital has world class print facilities, and that the new EFI Vutek in particular places Vantage Digital in a prime position to rise above its competitors, establishing it as a leader in the Out-of-Home industry.

Graphix Supply World
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