Summa Solution Used For Covid-19 Safety Packages

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A standard of 1.5m has generally been agreed to be a safe distance to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. However, sometimes it is difficult to estimate how much distance this exactly is.

To avoid misunderstandings about the minimum distance, TVE Reclameproducties produced safety stickers with a Summa F3232 flatbed cutter and first performed a pilot test at two local grocery stores. In the stores, the stickers were placed at exactly 1.5m distance on the walking paths. Thanks to the stickers, everyone respected the minimum distance.

Based on these positive effects, TVE’s marketing department started brainstorming other safety measures. This is how the idea of developing safety packages arose. These packages contain various safety stickers, safety displays, a safety vest and various safety screens.

Kitty van Ballekom, Account Manager at TVE Reclameproducties stated, ‘We share the contents of the safety packages as much as possible, so everyone can easily communicate the correct safety measures to their customers and visitors. Meanwhile, we follow up newly taken measures closely, so we can develop other safety products, if necessary. This way we can do our bit to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.’

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