Planar Virtually Showcasing Display Innovations


The Planar HB Series Huddle Board is a line of LCD displays optimised for quick and efficient collaboration. Available in 190.5cm (75 inch) and 218.4cm (86 inch) sizes, the series features a highly responsive touch performance to recognise up to 20 simultaneous touch points from multiple users.

The series is also compatible with industry-leading collaboration solutions, supports third-party devices and includes an integrated Android operating system complete with whiteboard software to create a one-stop collaboration solution for users.

The Planar FX Series is a new family of fine pixel pitch indoor and outdoor LED video wall displays that bring to high ambient-light environments the same level of close-viewing image detail and resolution historically reserved for lower light private spaces. Planar FX Series displays include LED treatments designed to protect them from ultraviolet rays, dust, water and casual contact, without negatively impacting the viewing experience.

Introducing a new 0.9 millimetre fine pixel pitch model to the award-winning LED video wall line, the Planar TVF Series now supports higher resolution video walls at a size that fits in more environments. Joining other fine pitch models, Planar TVF 0.9 upholds a platform that is easy to set up, use and maintain. The series features a 16:9 aspect ratio that allows every pixel pitch to achieve popular resolutions, including Full HD and 4K, to enable a closer, comfortable viewing distance for clear presentation of content.

As the newest alternative to the company’s popular Planar ERO-LED (Extended Ruggedness and Optics technology), Planar ERO-LED Matte introduces a protective solution that is almost unnoticeable, allowing content to be displayed without interruptions or reflections. The proprietary materials and process add a protective layer to provide increased ruggedness and an improved touch experience for continued interaction, while maintaining superb image performance.

These solutions will be showcased at Planar’s Virtual Product and Technology Showcase, taking place from June 9-11.

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