Fujifilm Flatbed And Roll-To-Roll Solutions Win Awards

Fujifilm Flatbed And Roll-To-Roll Solutions Awarded

Fujifilm’s Acuity Ultra R2 and the Acuity Prime have been recognised for design excellence by the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards, one of the most internationally sought-after seals of quality for good design.

In a statement issued by the awards jury, in the case of the Acuity Prime flatbed printer, user-friendly and practice-oriented flexibility teams up with impressive efficiency and performance.

Acuity Prime enables the large format printing of up to five superimposed layers of UV-curable ink on materials ranging from coated or synthetic paper to sheets of PVC or plastic. In terms of functionality, it features a whole range of sophisticated innovations. For example, important items for post-printing tasks are kept in a tray within easy reach. The device showcases a black-and-silver aesthetic, which also characterises other printers from Fujifilm, in order to demonstrate a coherent line-up.

Regarding the Acuity Ultra R2, the jury said that the machine impresses with technical features and a design which elegantly places the quality of Fujifilm’s products centre stage. The Acuity Ultra R2 is a roll-to-roll printer for large signs. It uses UV-curable ink, which ensures high wear resistance and excellent results. A semi-transparent smoke-grey panel in the centre of the top cover serves to monitor the printhead while also protecting against UV radiation. The black and dark silver colour scheme is in line with the aesthetics of the manufacturer’s new generation of printers and places a focus on the printed matter. For safety reasons, all moving parts are covered by the housing.

Fujifilm Flatbed And Roll-To-Roll Solutions Awarded