Zwaluw Products Design Stands For PPE Screens Using 3A Composites Materials 


Pretoria-based Zwaluw Products created stands for PPE screens using 3A Composites’ DIBOND® and DILITE® aluminium composites, while many of the screens were made using PERSPEX® and IMPEX®. The stands and screens were dispatched to hospitals, legal practices and retail outlets, to name a few. 

Zwaluw Products owner Jan van der Veen, who has been using 3A products for over 10 years, praised the 3A Composites range, specifically DIBOND®, due to factors such as heat resistance, mirroring effects, durability, printability and finishing.

DIBOND® (3mm) has been used in many of the company’s projects for cabinets, columns, claddings, boxing for aluminium profiles and ceiling panels in steam rooms, while DILITE® (2mm) has been used in signage and advertising projects.

Van der Veen, who is experienced with the rolling of materials, explained that with rolling DIBOND®, he can always expect consistent results, unlike other materials he has worked with. ‘The materials are ideal for cutting because they go easy on power tools and machines, without damaging router bits.’

DIBOND® is a unique alloy with ideal three dimensional processing characteristics for bending, routing and folding, while DILITE® is renowned for flat applications and also screen printing and direct to substrate digital UV printing.

IMPEX® stands for a wide range of large format, virtually unbreakable extruded polycarbonate sheets with good optical and mechanical properties. PERSPEX® acrylic sheet is a useful material in the workshop because it can be used to make precision engineering components for both domestic and industrial products.

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