STIXO And 3A Leading In Partnership

STIXO And 3A Leading In Partnership

STIXO Signage Supplies, through their years of substantial growth, have always proven to be a company that is highly passionate about what they do. One of the key principles in their mission is to provide the best product ranges coupled with excellent service to the signage and construction industry.

STIXO is a direct importer and prominent supplier of signage material to the visual communication and construction industry. The company caters for printing, signage, branding and architectural businesses, as well as re-sellers. Being direct importers, the range of products offered by the company are of trusted quality ensured by their expert research and procurement team.

This requires a large investment of time and effort due to the amount of fine, detailed work and testing needed, to ensure that the business is fully satisfied and uncompromising with the quality, reliability, and versatility of the products that it sells.

STIXO’s always ready to service sales and logistics team is made up of competent and efficient staff with excellent product knowledge and technical expertise to guide and assist their customers where needed. They deliver nationwide and facilitate export sales for their cross-border clients, while also catering for collection and courier services.

‘Clients expect excellent service, competitive pricing and quality products, together with a vast range and fantastic stock availability,’ explained Asif Sidik, Managing Director at STIXO Signage Supplies. ‘These are crucial elements in any business, which is why we strive towards having a consistent approach.’

This level of commitment has led to STIXO’s exponential development in the market since 2017, which includes purchasing additional warehouse space to accommodate their vast and ever-growing product offering. It all comes down to paying close attention to what is taking place in the industry while having the foresight to see where these shifts will eventually lead. This enables us to not only anticipate what the needs of our valued customers will be but to also have solutions at the ready for when these needs arise,’ he elaborated.

It’s for this reason that STIXO is very proud to announce their new and exciting partnership with 3A Composites. 3A Composites are market leaders in the manufacture of extruded and cast acrylic sheets, composite panels as well as core materials for composite structures. ‘Our dedication to excellence drives us to fully invest and therefore develop a lasting, close business relationship with our supplier,’ stated Sidik.

‘Aside from being uncompromising about quality, which is something that 3A Composites is also reputed for, I believe that this partnership will make it possible for us to grow our respective brands while providing maximum support to the customer from all sides.’

This partnership will undoubtedly broaden the scope of what is currently available to the industry, with STIXO now supplying PERSPEX® XT and CRYLUX® products to its customers.

Outstanding Transparency, Increased Strength, And Versatility With PERSPEX® XT Extruded Acrylic

PERSPEX® XT is an extruded acrylic sheet with outstanding performance advantages during fabrication, installation and in use. Available in a range of clear, opals and selected colours, as well as a single-sided anti-reflective clear, PERSPEX® XT sheets offer excellent thickness tolerance and are extremely easy to vacuum form, making it ideal for applications where complex shapes are required.

In addition to its brilliant transparency, ease of handling, very good weathering, and ageing resistance, it is easy to see how these sheets are the perfect solution to a wide range of applications. It is ideal for use in signage and displays, as well as interior and exterior applications such as skylights, windows, and doors. PERSPEX® XT is available in thicknesses from 1 to 25mm.

Experience A World Of Vibrant Colour With CRYLUX® Cast Acrylic 

CRYLUX® is an acrylic sheet material that comes into its own when visual impact is key. It is made of cast polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and is perfect for a range of purposes: from corporate signage to shopfitting, the building industry and even individual pieces of furniture. When looks really matter, acrylic glass (PMMA) is the perfect choice due to its high transparency, durability, and UV stability.

The product’s perfect transparency is ideal for display applications and visual communication as it comes not only in clear transparent but also in lively, vibrant colour shades. The colour spectrum includes special gloss grades (CRYLUX® Argenta), luminous, fluorescent colours (CRYLUX® Neon) and anti-reflective matt surfaces (CRYLUX® Design).

Thanks to easy processing options using most standard processing techniques, it offers great scope for appealing design aesthetics.

STIXO Signage Supplies and 3A Composites are excited about the huge potential of this partnership within the industry and look forward to working together to bring PERSPEX® XT and CRYLUX® to the Southern African market, through offering customers a wider range of options for their projects.

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