Read The Latest Sign Africa Journal Online

Read The Latest Sign Africa Journal Online

The front cover of the September/October edition of Sign Africa Journal highlights the world’s first usership model for large format printers by Midcomp. While a few ‘traditionalists’ will still opt to buy that CD or vinyl record, by far the majority of avid music lovers will sign up to Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal and others. It probably costs the same to subscribe to these services as it does to buy your favourite artist’s latest album. The Usership model is an ever-increasing trend.

Other features include:

Show the value you can add to print service providers

If you’re a reseller considering how to grow, small to medium-sized print service providers are worth a serious look if you have the right digital print technology portfolio to meet their expectations.

3D printing disrupts product development times

Regardless of whether a company’s product is a tangible object such as a car or piece of furniture, or a digital algorithm driving an innovative piece of software, the process of testing and refining multiple iterations before it can be released to market is one of the most crucial pain points for almost any modern business enterprise.

Questions to ask when selecting materials for print jobs

One of the primary reasons for the tricky material selection process is the wide range of factors that you need to consider when choosing the media you are going to work with. Can it adhere to rough surfaces?

Graphics, Print and Sign Expo showcasing cutting edge technology

Live demonstrations are the best platform to help business owners in making sound decisions when it comes to purchasing printing equipment.

Garment microfactories have a smaller ecological footprint

Along with reducing unnecessary waste through on-demand production, microfactories have a smaller ecological footprint than traditional garment production and require no water use during the production process, making it not only a faster solution, but a greener one too.

Paving the way forward with LED in digital signage

LED technology has, more or less, revolutionised the world around digital signage and digital communication channels in general. LED has also started to be used in smaller formats.

Download a PDF of the magazine here.


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