STIXO-Signage Supplies

Sytech Supplies will showcase products from Seiko, Graphtec and its flatbed application table at the Sign Africa Port Elizabeth RoadShow, taking place on 13 February at the Boardwalk Convention Centre.

Graphtec CE5000-610

The CE5000 Series of cutting plotter offers performance comparable to high-end units at reasonable cost. In addition to outstanding basic performance, the CE5000 incorporates a range of features such as registration mark detection to ensure high-precision cutting of printed materials. This plotter helps increase work efficiency and productivity.

Seiko W-54S 

The Seiko ColorPainter W-Series printer uses high viscosity inks and an ultra modern piezo-inkjet head to deliver outstanding image quality with no colour density loss. The improved dot pattern enables razor sharp, crisp images at all print modes. Choose between high-production modes with unmatched print speeds, or high-resolution print modes with less grain with nozzle compensation and CP manager connectivity.


The company will showcase the first South African manufactured flatbed application table, the Ezee Applicator. The EZ2000’s size is 2000mm x 1220mm. 

All of your application projects can now easily be manned by one person. The fully pneumatically powered gantry controls make all lamination and application projects a breeze.

The fully illuminated work surface has a 10mm thick glass cover to ensure that you have the best in a quality work surface that doubles as a secondary work area for any other projects you may have in the pipeline.

 Innovative side gutters ensure that your media is easily accessible and cleverly out of the way during your application projects. Clever height adjustments will ensure that all your application projects are not hindered due to thickness. Substrates may be up to 100mm in thickness.

Falcon Orafol