Metamark Graphic Solutions Brighten Office Space

Metamark Graphic Solutions Brighten Up Office Space

Metamark’s solutions were used to create wall graphics throughout an office space.

Light and Wonder has an office in the UK, in Manchester. Making that office their own and turning it into a space that serves as a place of work and a showcase for the company’s brand value and products was a challenge that fell to Manchester based Astra Group.

Astra Group’s solution involved strategically applying large printed wall graphics throughout the office space. The available surfaces included glazed windows and doors and presented a design-led opportunity to transform the otherwise sterile space with graphics reflecting the client’s brand identity.

Metamark Etch Effect vinyl was applied to glazed office windows and doors, which served the purpose of integrating the graphics and yielded effective privacy measures too. This was particularly important with the flashing lights emitting from the gambling cabinets elsewhere in the office space, effectively shielded to minimise disruptions in the working environment.

To enhance the casino ambiance in the showroom, Astra Group suggested using coloured vinyl on ceiling light panels. This innovation emitted a blue-tinted hue, setting the desired mood. Within the showroom, a built-in cupboard was transformed into a feature wall using vinyl graphics, effectively transforming the typical feel of an office space. Frosted patterned cut vinyl was employed on other glass office spaces, providing a cohesive and immersive branding experience throughout the premises.

Metamark products were integral to extending the longevity of the entire office transformation, ensuring durability and lasting visual impact. Showcasing attention to detail, Metamark products, particularly MD3-205 clear vinyl, were subject to reverse digital printing. Printed sections were backed in white ink, printed again, and meticulously laminated with matt laminate externally.

Additionally, MT-654 mid-blue vinyl, a premium-grade polymeric calendered translucent sign-making material, was plot-cut and expertly applied to light fixtures, contributing to the overall immersive experience.

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