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Summa displayed their renowned range of products on their booth at the FESPA Digital Expo (20-23 May 2014, Munich). Various kinds of media were cut with the multiple quick-change cutting tools of the F1612 flatbed cutting table such as: corrugated cardboard, foam boards, vinyl, rigid paper composite board, etc.

The F1612 Booster pack is a significant overall performance improvement of Summa’s flatbed systems which was realised by optimising the motor management of the table and modules and at the same time minimising waiting times.

New load procedures and easier tool handling are a few of the many improvements covered by the F1612 Booster Pack. Any F1612 can be upgraded with this Booster Pack by simply upgrading the firmware and software.

Summa also demonstrated the successor to its renowned thermal transfer/printer: the DC5(sx). The Summa DC Series deliver customer ready prints with no need to dry or laminate. There are no VOC exhausts or noxious fumes that could entail any health risk.

Resin ribbon printing may last outdoors for up to five years without lamination. One single machine will deliver durable full colour and accurate contour cut graphics with the ability to cut completely through the material. The new DC5 printer/cutter has a variety of performance-enhancing features including more media widths, an Ethernet port and a new user interface.

Also on display at Fespa Munich were Summa’s professional and highly sustainable contour cutters: Summa S Class 2 and Summacut. Summa’s marketing and business developer, Geert Pierloot, said, ‘The extensive amount of visitors at our booth during FESPA Munich, showing an unlimited interest in our product range, opened up new opportunities in strengthening our position in the sign making market even more.’

Not all products are available as part of Midcomp’s standard local product offering. Kindly contact Midcomp for further details.

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