At this year’s FESPA expo in Munich, 3A Composites GmbH presented the latest products in its portfolio and demonstrated the versatile possibilities in direct digital printing. The company’s latest product, KAPA®tech, won the European Digital Press (EDP) award in the ‘Best rigid substrate’ category.

KAPA®tech, with polyurethane foam core and coated aluminium skins, is the first KAPA® product that is suitable for both exterior and interior use, thanks to temperature and moisture resistant core and surfaces.

The EDP Association counts 20 member magazines all over Europe, covering 25 countries and reaching more than half a million of readers. In six categories, 60 new products of different companies have been nominated. In the context of the official award ceremony, EDP was able to hand out 28 awards for distinguished and innovative products in the area of printing technology.

LUMEX® is the new trademark for the highly transparent PET polyester sheets that have been added to the 3A Composites product range after the acquisition of the Irish company FOAMALITE Ltd.

3A Composites significantly enlarges its product portfolio with transparent and translucent sheet material. Two product types are available: LUMEX® A (amorphous PET), available in 0.8-6mm thickness, for flat applications and ‘simple’ thermoforming and LUMEX® G (modified PET with Glycol), in 0.8 – 10mm thickness, for complex thermoforming and solvent bonding.

Both products show extremely good printability with UV inks. In addition, they have a B1 fire classification as well as an FDA approval. They are extremely impact resistant, show excellent outdoor durability and are easy and fast to transform and print.

3A Composites also exhibited the newly added FOAMALITE® PVC product range: FOAMALITE® premium, the perfect material for three-dimensional or structural applications and FOAMALITE® x-press with impeccable ink adhesion thanks to its white, smooth and even surface, the sheet supplier has also presented FOAMALITE® colour as well as FOAMLITE® plus.

With a selection of nine different vibrant colours, FOAMALITE® colour provides designers the best possible colour options for a wide variety of solutions in the field of visual communications. As the colouring is uniform throughout the rigid foam sheet offers optimum colour consistency and guarantees the same colour is seen from different angles.

FOAMALITE® plus is a co-extruded rigid PVC foam sheet, consisting of high quality white outer skins and a black recycled core. FOAMALITE® plus features a hard, flat, bright white surface making it more robust and offering greater scratch resistance than standard PVC foam sheet. The core consists of recycled PVC, meaning the whole sheet comprises 80% recycled material and makes an active contribution to the 3A Composites GmbH waste minimisation programme.