Wasatch has released its SoftRIP Version 7.1 app, that incorporates their latest improvements for high speed parallel processing, enhanced support for dye sublimation and direct-to-garment printing and new customised production tools. The Wasatch SoftRIP can be used to run multiple printers in parallel with more speed and convenience than ever before.

Support for dye sublimation and direct-to-garment printing is enhanced by a new tool, the Color Neighborhood Analyser. This tool makes it easy to match the desired spot colour, even on specialty surfaces that make it difficult to create an accurate colour profile. The Colour Neighborhood Analyzer creates a targeted 100-patch test pattern centred on a chosen target colour. This is a powerful supplement to the Colour Atlas Generator.

Version 7.1 introduces a revolution in print quality for the direct-to-garment market. Wasatch’s new masking tool and rendering capabilities make printing to dark garments effortless, producing photo-like quality prints and perfectly smooth gradients. The latest release includes support for the Epson SureColor┬« F2000 printer.

Big shops and specialised workflows demand powerful networking tools. The new XML Access Option supports sophisticated integration, allowing completely customised workflows. With this powerful feature you can easily submit XML jobs into a hot folder, create custom interfaces, and have web-to-print capabilities. The XML control can greatly enhance any workflow, speeding up production time and efficiency.