Right Stuff presents their Spaza Shop Kiosk: The Extended Hours Trading Concept. Knowing that informal trading is dependent on the number of feet through the door, as well as the available finances of these patrons to spend at these venues in a limited amount of time. In a rural setting, this becomes a bigger challenge.

Right Stuff’s research has established that during day trading hours there are far less patrons visiting this type of venue due to work obligations. However, at the end of general working hours, people tend to migrate towards this type of setup (shebeens and social venues), thus enabling the trader to operate for extended hours when there is much more people traffic. A potential problem in this scenario is the lack of electricity available to run such an establishment after dark. This is where the Spaza Shop Kiosk’s solar power comes into play.

There are manyl benefits to the incorporation of solar power, first being the ability to provide lighting after sunset, thereby retaining clientele for extended periods. The unit’s solar charging unit has one internal light to illuminate the kiosk and four external lights to illuminate the parasols.

Another benefit is the cellphone charging functionality. Research shows that the average African citizen spends $2 per week on charging cellphones. By providing free cellphone charging to patrons at the solar-powered kiosk, they are more likely to spend this saving on other items offered at the kiosk, which is a smart business move for the kiosk operator.

By sponsoring or branding and supplying product, the brands benefit from selling more stock, growing market share and benefiting from retention. All of this created from a community-based setup such as this.