Onyx Announces Latest Version Of Business Intelligence Tool

GSW – Mimaki

ONYX Hub 2.0 is set to be launched globally later this year. ONYX Hub first introduced business intelligence to wide format print with an intuitive browser-based dashboard for ink and media waste, as well as actual job costs to help answer questions such as ‘How profitable am I?’.

New for ONYX Hub 2.0 is secure-serve encryption and user management controls to protect sensitive print production data and streamlined job submission from one central location. The tool provides real-time and historic print production data, as well as actual job costs, enabling better business decisions.

‘ONYX Hub gives us the tools to make business decisions on our workflows and job estimation,’ said Geert Peeters of Dr. Sticker, located in the Netherlands. ‘It’s already improving our bottom line. We definitely feel the impact of ONYX Hub on our business.’

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ONYX https://www.onyxgfx.com

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