New ColorGate Textile Software Developed For Direct-To-Garment Printers

New ColorGate Solutions Accommodate Multiple Print Disciplines

The Textile PS DTG Edition is a modular and individually configurable software developed for use in combination with direct-to-garment printing systems from almost all leading manufacturers.

The modular software can be configured and extended at any time, especially for use in conjunction with direct-to-garment (DTG) printing systems from almost all leading manufacturers. It addresses DTG service providers and technology users who value high colour quality and standardisation of production processes. This software solution offers a high degree of productivity by automating otherwise time-consuming print data preparation processes, such as the generation of semi-transparent prints in which the print motif merges with the colour of the fabric.

The DTG Edition also offers advantages in supporting PDF files, with the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) leading to uncompromising print results and facilitating communication with customers due to the worldwide PDF standard as the document standard. In addition, ColorGATE’s special APPE implementation for DTG offers unique features to remove background colours from PDFs so that the material colour of the garment is used instead. In order to be able to control the colour output at any time, even with drifting printing systems or varying textile qualities, it is possible to add an integrated profiling assistant to the software.

Even the preparation of print data for dark substrates is no longer a major challenge with the DTG Editon: Smart White Creation automatically calculates the exact amount of white for underprinting. Furthermore, the inherent colour of black T-shirts can be used as the ‘rendering’ colour of the print motif. Thanks to optimal ink application, this not only reduces ink costs, but also improves the haptics.

With the brand-new Spectral Spot Module, ColorGATE brings effective brand colour management into fully digital and non-standardised production environments. This module enables the spectral characterisation of spot colours both for commercial and industrial printing applications and thus improves reproduction accuracy, especially when reproduced using digital printing.

Spot colour descriptions in CxF/X4 format according to ISO 179972-4 are supported. High colour consistency for spot colours is required especially when producing packaging using digital printing, or when producing digital proofs for conventionally manufactured packaging such as flexible packaging, folding boxes or cardboard boxes using inkjet. There is also an increasing demand for accuracy in the colour reproduction of corporate colours on textiles. With Spectral Spot, these requirements can be met by creating and managing extensive spot colour tables yourself.

In addition, starting with the upcoming major release, ColorGATE will be supporting PantoneLIVE, X-Rite’s cloud-based solution for the digital management and exchange of spot colours. With PantoneLIVE, designers and brand owners can access colour palettes across printing processes and substrates and define and communicate these using the cloud.

ColorGATE’s Adobe PDF Print Engine based RIP software families Productionserver, Filmgate and Proofgate, as well as the Industrial Productionserver range are compatible for almost all application areas, including: décor (décor paper, roll-to-roll or direct-to-board); textile, ceramic, floor tiles, wallpaper, glass printing and packaging (direct-to-object decoration, e.g. bottles, cans or other containers).

ColorGATE will be presenting this updated solution portfolio at FESPA 2019, taking place from 14-17 May in Munich. Upcoming FESPA events include FESPA Africa, the region’s largest, focused exhibition for wide format digital printing, screen printing, garment decoration and textile printing, which is co-located with Sign Africa and Africa Print – the region’s leading events for the signage and printing industry – as well as Africa LED and Modern Marketing. The event is taking place from 11-13 September 2019 at Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg.


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