New Kornit Presto Eliminates Need For Pre And Post Treatment Fabric

New Kornit Presto Eliminates Need For Pre And Post Treatment Fabric

Kornit Digital has unveiled the Kornit Presto System, a breakthrough single-step industrial solution for digital direct-to-fabric printing. The innovative technology addresses the growing need for on-demand textile design and production.

The Kornit Presto does not consume water in the printing process, making it an environmentally friendly solution. It comes with the ground-breaking NeoPigment Robusto, pigment-based ink. Implemented into the renowned Kornit NeoPigment process, the Robusto provides above industry standard wash and rub results and exceptional colour fastness across a wide fabric and application range.

The Robusto enjoys faster physical and chemical bonding characteristics, enabling a significantly shorter curing time, while providing industry-leading quality and a wide colour gamut. The NeoPigment Robusto ink was developed with sustainability priorities and is ECO PASSPORT and GOTS V5 approved.

The Kornit Presto solution suits a wide range of business and application needs in a variety of industry segments, including fast growing segments within the on-demand fashion and home décor markets. It is a highly productive solution, available in multiple configurations and able to print 450 square metres per hour.

Gart Davis, CEO at Spoonflower, the world’s first web-based service for custom, on-demand fabric and design creation and a long-time Kornit customer commented, ‘We were thrilled to be able to test the new system and found the Presto to be in a class by itself; it prints beautifully on all kinds of fabrics, in a single-step, with an environmentally friendly dry process, with high productivity. Our partnership with Kornit continues to be fundamental to our mission to make custom fabric accessible to designers, creative individuals and small businesses all over the world. We can’t wait to get going.’

Omer Kulka, Kornit’s VP of marketing and product strategy also commented, ‘Kornit is on a mission to reinvent the textile printing industry with game-changing sustainable technologies for growing market segments. We continue to see demand growth for on-demand production in fashion and home décor. This revolutionary technology is further proof of Kornit’s commitment to address the textile industry’s most urgent needs.’

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