Neenah Coldenhove Creates Greener Logistics

Neenah Coldenhove creates greener logistics.

Throughout the year at Neenah Coldenhove, its logistics network transports numerous rolls of paper over millions of kilometres from its factory to various final destinations.

To supply its paper rolls as efficiently as possible, its supply chain management team explores different sustainable transport options: responsible options that reduce transport emissions while simultaneously delivering the products to the customer, on time.

One of the ‘company’s most recent green initiatives is to reduce the diameter of its mini jumbo rolls from 40cm to 38cm. This reduction not only improves transport efficiency, it also allows the comapny to carry 30% more paper in the same space during transportation. This means that Neenah Coldenhove can now send more paper rolls per pallet, which leads to savings in transport costs and a further reduction of CO2 emissions.

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