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Building on the success of Mimaki’s Virtual Print Festival in March and April this year, Mimaki has created an insightful three-day programme for three market-focused virtual events.

The programme was created to support customers looking for inspiration and advice on how to maintain or revive business after the Covid-19 crisis.

Event I – Sign Graphics – 30th June 2020.
Event II – Textiles – 14th July 2020.
Event III – Industrial Printing – 27th August 2020.

Each event will provide a platform for Mimaki representatives, customers and suppliers to discuss the impact the Covid-19 crisis has had on their business and the wider industry, as well as share their experiences, challenges and success stories.

‘Covid-19 is undoubtedly having a negative impact on many businesses, but many of our customers and industry peers have been able to find ways to remain in business and even support their local communities during this challenging time. Their stories are incredibly inspiring,’ said Danna Drion, Senior Marketing Manager at Mimaki Europe. ‘Our goal is to demonstrate how creative and resourceful businesses across the print industry have been in the face of a global crisis. Through these stories and the wider event programmes, we hope to play our part in helping to re-energise this incredibly tenacious and resilient industry and support printers as they navigate a new business landscape.’

The Mimaki Live events will feature a host of engaging panel discussions, opinion polls, live chats and Q&As, all designed to prompt important, topical discussions and share information and advice across the print community.

Drion concluded, ‘This unprecedented time has changed the way we do business, possibly for the long-term. One of the most important things we need to do now is to find new ways to connect and communicate as an industry. Virtual events, such as the Mimaki Live Series, provide an opportunity to do that and we’re looking forward to being able to, once again, engage with our entire customer and partner network and initiate some crucial discussions about how the industry moves forward from here.’

To register for the Mimaki Live event series, visit www.mimakieurope.com/mimaki-live-event.

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