Metamark Wrapping Film Creates Weathered Look For Vehicle

Metamark Wrapping Film Creates Weathered Look For Vehicle

Metamark has illustrated the versatility of its premium cast wrapping film with a recent project done by OnSigns using MetaCast MDC.

Andrew Atkinson and the team at Doncaster-based OnSigns decided to wrap their company vehicle to promote their wrapping business. They knew that quality had to be exemplary – nothing less. They also challenged themselves to design, produce and apply something that, in design terms, would stand out in the midst of other wraps – something novel that demanded rather than invited attention.

The vehicle just happens to look, now, like it has sat unloved and untouched for thirty years or more in a derelict barn with little or no shelter from the sun, wind and rain. The wrap is dripping with detail in both quality and quantity that reflects the fact that there is around 40 hours of design time invested.

For a start, the ‘paint’ is brutally oxidised and there is some evidence that effort has been made to cut it back at some point. Those efforts have not achieved much other than to open metal-deep perforations where the paint sits on a tight radius, or to make the surface grippy and somewhat receptive to holding on to grime as it washes over the panels. At least that is the illusion.

Clearly the design is accomplished to say the very least. Printing and application cannot go unmentioned either. The print is convincing because its driven by someone with colour-critical vision who knows how to get the most out of a Mimaki JV-33.

The vinyl has to be elongated to get it to fit over the vehicle’s curves. Despite being stretched though, that detail has to fall on the vehicle body in exactly the right place or the effect is lost. It speaks for the skills to be found at OnSigns that this print sits on the vehicle exactly as the designer intended.

The MetaCast MDC premium cast wrapping film is the star among the portfolio of MD-Class Digital Media. Metamark formulated its wrapping film to make it easier for those who are learning about wrapping, and to work well with skilled and very experienced hands. The product’s performance goals look as though they have been met. Atkinson said of the experience, ‘We love MDC. We’ve worked with it before and we know we can accomplish great results with it. There is never a concern when we’re using this film.’

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