Meridian Unveils Newest Indoor Kiosk Series

GSW – Mimaki

Named to reflect the nature of the kiosk hardware itself, the Evolution Series features an interchangeable head unit that can be configured three different ways—as a countertop, freestanding or wall mounted unit.

‘The Evolution Series kiosks were designed for use in all spaces,’ said Meridian’s Industrial Designer, Dominic Atibil. ‘The modular aspect of the head unit makes the solution suitable for retail, food service and a variety of other environments.’

Quick-serve restaurants are one of the key markets in which Meridian hopes to implement the Evolution Series.‘The smooth outer radius, inspired by mobile phones, gives the Evolution a familiar form to customers, while the overhanging front bezel gives the unit a slimmer appearance,’ said Atibil.

While the Evolution Series is designed to incorporate numerous different components, including screen sizes ranging from 55.8–81.2cm (22–32 inches), an i5 or i7 computer, scanner, thermal printer, and payment terminal, it also features a future-proof design that allows for a great deal of flexibility among those components. ‘With a removable front plate, the Evolution can be easily adapted to integrate with the latest point of sale components as needed,’ said Atibil.

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