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Custom interactive digital signage fabricator media mea has added automated content feeds from Seenspire to its suite of turnkey products and services.

The new strategic partnership with Belgium-based Seenspire gives media mea customers access to a wide selection of news, information and infortainment feeds available in multiple content categories and languages.

Anne Brazell, International MarCom Manager for media mea, said, 'Digital signage networks are only as good as the content on the screens, so it was important in our partner selection process that we find a company that delivers consistently compelling work.'

Customers can select from a range of different feeds and presentation styles, subscribe and then activate selected services to play on their digital signage network. Feeds are provided in Flash or HTML5, and delivery is fully automated, without requiring any direct management.

Seenspire is the latest in a series of partnerships established by media mea to build out a full suite of services available to businesses with digital signage needs. The company said it also has partnerships in place in areas such as visual retailing, creative services, content management and mainstream printing.

These services support and complement the company's core business, which is the design and manufacture of a range of a LCD/LED displays, with sizes varying from shelf-edge tablets through to outdoor highway LED boards. Its lead products are indoor LCD totems for retail and advertising, as well as LCD way-finding kiosks. Both are available in a large selection of sizes and formats.

'We take a global view and have built our services to meet content needs around the world, so we see a lot of opportunity working with a company that has people, offices and customers covering so many markets,' said Samuel Mekonen, co-founder of Seenspire.

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