Kornit Showcases DTG Innovations


Kornit Vulcan Plus is a next-generation system for DTG mass customisation. Able to deliver more than 2000 retail-quality impressions in a 12-hour shift, Vulcan Plus builds on the success and feedback from customers using Kornit Vulcan.

The eco-friendly system, which has undergone beta testing by Kornit customers in both the United States and Europe, represents the highest-capacity DTG print system in Kornit’s product portfolio and the broader marketplace.

Kornit’s Storm HD6 Lite system enables print shops of all sizes with on-demand DTG printing that meets the retail quality and sustainability standards of the world’s largest and best-known retail brands. With a production capacity of up to 60000 impressions annually, Storm HD6 Lite provides DTG printing for smaller print operations, such as commercial printers moving to the industrial market and analogue printers broadening their production capabilities. Storm HD6 Lite effectively replaces Kornit Storm II.

Storm HD6 represents the most capable member of Kornit’s Storm platform, which is continuously widening Kornit’s install base as the ideal platform for growing small to medium-sized print shops.

Avalanche Poly Pro is the only digital DTG system designed specifically for dyed polyester and poly blends, offering nearly unlimited graphic detail and colour gamut for popular sportswear and athleisure fabrics. Opening the polyester apparel market to DTG capability and quality has contributed to Kornit’s momentum, as many Poly Pro users are also new Kornit customers.

Kornit Konnect is the company’s cloud software analytics platform that provides users a single dashboard to monitor and manage their productivity. This platform empowers customers to receive real-time data that helps them manage their operations, prioritise deliverables, assess costs, troubleshoot, and set goals from the convenience of their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

‘Kornit spent the past year rolling out innovative product after innovative product, setting the pace for a textile decoration industry that demands quality, durability, and social responsibility, manufacturing on demand and without restrictions, serving an array of needs and consumer profiles wider than anyone had conceived even a few short years ago,’ said Omer Kulka, Kornit’s EVP of Marketing and Product Strategy. ‘We’re not letting up anytime soon, as the new Vulcan Plus and Storm HD6 Lite make retail-quality DTG impressions accessible to printers and brands of every size and need.’ Kornit introduced Vulcan Plus and HD6 at Impressions Expo Long Beach event, January 17-19 in Long Beach, California.

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