Kornit Presenting Latest Fabric Decoration Solutions In Webinar

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Kornit’s new NeoPigment Robusto Softener solution for Presto is the company’s system for digital, pigment-based roll-to-roll direct-to-fabric decoration. Its pigment-based print process can help companies achieve their sustainability goals.

Traditional rotary reactive ink six-colour printers use 60-80 litres of water per linear metre, and digital reactive ink for fashion designs use 14-40 litres. Kornit’s award-winning NeoPigment Robusto ink set, which is both GOTS and ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX certified, is waterless.

Kornit’s Presto solution eliminates the need for pre and post-treatment of fabric and allows for high-quality printing on an extraordinarily broad variety of fabric types and applications.

Join this webinar session with Kornit CEO Ronen Samuel and CMO Omer Kulka on Monday, 23 March at 2pm CET to learn more about what the Softener is, how it works, and why it presents a great many opportunities for making the fashion industry more eco-friendly, more reactive to emerging demands, and more conducive to efficient and versatile business models. The presentation will last 30 minutes, after which management will remain online to answer any question you may have.

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