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A group of leading companies uniting the world’s practices and expertise in the digital large format marketplace, IQDEMY has announced that its range of machinery and printing capabilities now includes glass printing for indoor and outdoor applications.

Clients just choose an image such as a full colour picture of their family or any other artwork, then SUN Studio printing centres decorate the glass with relief and create a stunning image that provides the space with a unique touch.

Highlighting several areas of the image, glossy or matte, relief or flat will provide each glass panel with an individual expression that can be used all around the office or home.

IQDEMY’s unique large format printers can accommodate glass panels up to a size of 2 x 3m. The company uses its own ink formula for UV LED inks that enables colourful, brilliant and yet precise images that search for themselves. They enhance wardrobes, kitchen furniture, glass doors, room separators, glass ceilings, even decorative glass or any other object in the office or house.

Gleb Protopopov, Sales director at IQDEMY said, ‘Our technology ensures the durability of the image and high-quality colour reproduction. Due to our unique technology the images are basically not subject to external mechanical influences. In addition, the end product is ecologically clean and our ink does not emit any harmful substances and practically has no smell. Your interior will be as unique as you yourself.’

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