Grosvenor Branding Solutions Launches LCD Booklet At Cape Town Sign Africa Expo


Grosvenor Branding Solutions launched its LCD booklet, EL Signage and Floaters at Sign Africa Cape Town (2-3 September 2015, CTICC).

The LCD Booklet is a USB with an LCD screen built into a brochure format. It is the perfect marriage of print media and the digital world, playing up to three videos with sound. It is easily charged and loaded with content and it is thin and lightweight.
EL Signage animates, illuminates and activates various forms of Posters, POS Media and Indoor/Outdoor Signage. It is poster thin and energy efficient, allowing you to illuminate various sections of the media in a programmed sequence.
Floaters come in a form of magnetic technology to create the illusion of defying gravity and appears as floating objects.

Grosvenor Branding Solutions won the Sign Africa Floor Space Medium Stand award.

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