Graphics One Launches Direct To Film Ink

Graphics One Launches DTF Ink

Graphics One has launched the GO TransferMate Direct To Film (DTF) ink. The ink is manufactured by its sister company Prism Inks and is available in small or large quantities.

The company currently offer five colours: cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white. This ink was developed for the latest TFP printheads, from EPSON® which are branded as i3200, i1600 and i800.

Although the washability of the images is good with any film or powder, the longevity and scrub resistance are far better when the company’s TransferMate Inks are combined with its TransferMate Powder and Film.

Unlike other inks, if a user is imaging on white T-shirts, there is no need to lay down a white ink pass, which means imaging is less expensive with the company’s DTF ink. Density and white ink usage can be further controlled with the use of GO’s ColorMate DTF Mac-based RIP.


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