GPA Announces AlumiGraphics Foil Range For Large Format Presses


GPA has added AlumiGraphics pressure sensitive aluminium foil media to their product offering for large format presses. AlumiGraphics can be applied on asphalt, concrete and brick to transform overlooked spaces into cost-effective mass marketing platforms.

GPA offers this rugged material in two different finishes:

– AlumiGraphics SMOOTH has a non-glare, satin finish ideal for rigid wall surfaces such as concrete, tile and asphalt. It is popular for building wraps, column signage, parking garage wall graphics and exterior wall and façade graphics.

– AlumiGraphics GRIP has a slip-resistant, reflective finish for rigid walkway surfaces such as brick, stucco and concrete block. It is commonly used for sidewalk and walkway graphics; entrance and vestibule graphics; stairway graphics; signage for patios, courtyards and pools; parking space and curb markings; and for sports venue marketing. It is safe to walk on in both wet and dry conditions, and meets ASTM, CSIRO and British standards for slip resistance.

– AlumiGraphics GRIP and SMOOTH outperform other materials with their flexibility, printability, extreme durability and ease of application. Unlike vinyl-based media that can retract and peel, foil media has no memory or shrinkage, so it is not affected by moisture or temperature changes. AlumiGraphics fits in with your sustainable print initiatives since it can be disposed of with aluminium recycling and does not contains PVC or hazardous elements.

AlumiGraphics is a very pliable material that naturally conforms to rough surfaces, which makes installation and removal a breeze, with no heat or professional installation required. Its flexible characteristics help it blend in so well that graphics look like they were painted on. Harsh weather extremes are no problem; it performs beautifully in hot, cold and wet conditions. Since AlumiGraphics® can be easily cut to shape, it has never been simpler to bring creative applications to life.

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