Converge Introduces Latest Generation Kinetic Retail Display Platform

GSW – Mimaki

The Converge platform, which features an interactive, tablet-based retail display system, now incorporates the latest RFID technology to bring even greater display flexibility.

Earlier iterations of the Converge platform relied on camera-based recognition for the tablet to accurately display information about the products on display. While this technique was highly accurate, several key factors precipitated the decision to expand beyond this camera-based architecture. Moving to an RFID-based system brings significant improvements to the Converge platform, including:

· Elimination of QR Codes: using RFID eliminates the need for visual QR codes, as the tablet’s camera no longer relies on QR codes to determine its location relative to products on display. This is a visual improvement compared to past Converge iterations, and results in a cleaner design.

· Latency Reduction: bypassing the camera/code handshake with RFID technology results in a much smoother shopping experience, with relevant product information displaying instantaneously.

· Improved Accuracy: using RFID technology enables the tablet to recognise precisely where it is at any given moment, ensuring proper product information is displayed immediately, and further improving the shopper analytics data Converge provides its retailer and brand partners.

The Converge platform features laterally-sliding, interactive tablets that move with the customers through their shopping journey and automatically serve up rich content with product education, specs, tutorials and reviews that allow for a more informed purchase decision. This ability to deeply research and compare products available both in-store and online keeps customers in the retailer’s ecosystem, whether the customer purchases a product off the shelf or makes an in-aisle purchase from the retailer’s online inventory.

Converge is highly customisable and capable of displaying a wide variety of products, which is particularly relevant to product categories that benefit from richer education or that have higher price points, such as consumer tech, household goods and luxury categories.

In addition, Converge can also be very effective in selling items with configuration and customisation options, such as furniture, automobiles and other large-scale items. The platform’s small footprint makes it possible for independent retail stores, pop-up shops and other small-scale retail operations to maximise their limited space and create virtual showrooms to sell products of virtually any size.


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