Barbieri Launches Spectro LFP qb Spectrophotometer

Barbieri Launches Spectro LFP qb Spectrophotometer.

The new spectrophotometer combines the latest colour measuring technologies with innovative methods of illumination and comes with both tried and tested features and new features and applications.

The Spectro LFP qb comprises three components: the Spectro LFP platform, the measuring stage with an enhanced clamping system and integrated M1 backlighting (for transmitted light measurement).

The spectral unit (measuring head) incorporates the latest qb technology and comprises the high-precision spectral core, three light sources for uniform illumination of the media surface from three different angles, and seven LED’s to guarantee real M1 daylight illumination.

The measuring head is removable and therefore ideal for fast and reliable spot measurement. The third component, the sensing unit, is a real innovation in the field of professional digital printing: an integrated camera offering a range of applications. With the help of the camera, the measuring device automatically recognises the target, performs a precision measurement and communicates the position and the photo to the RIP software for further processing.

Features include:

  • New measurement mode M1 Part 1/Method A for reflection and transmission (pursuant to ISO 13655-2017).
  • Removable measuring head (spectral unit) for measuring spot colours.
  • Camera-supported sensing unit for instant automatic positioning.
  • Switchable apertures (2, 6, 8 mm) for measuring different materials, surfaces, inks and resolutions.
  • Measurement of fluorescent inks.

‘We want to turn our customers into top performers so that they can deliver the very best certified quality to their customers. Our Spectro LFP qb incorporates the know-how we have built up through 15 years of collaboration with leading international bodies, regular customer feedback and experience on the market. Now we are satisfied: we can offer our customers not only solutions for existing problems but for the first time also a platform that opens up a world of new possibilities and applications,’ said Markus Barbieri, director of R&D.


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