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Solomon and a large Antalis contingent paid their respects to Chris Head, whose life tragically ended, late in September, due to a car accident. At just 46 years old Chris had a full life ahead and news of his accident came as a shock to many dear friends and colleagues.

‘Chris was a great manager, a bold leader respected and admired by all but moreover he was an exceptional human being I was proud to call a friend,’ shared a pensive and sad Keith Solomon, Director for Antalis South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Head joined Antalis in 1990 as a Graphic Arts technician where, through dedication, effort and enthusiasm, he soon became a key player in the First Graphics team. Not long after he took up the reins as the head of the department before moving onto Antalis.

‘Everything that Chris embarked on he did with phenomenal dedication, energy and reliability. Another characteristic not found too often these days was his determination to do everything. In both his professional and personal life Chris did what he said he would do – moving heaven and earth to deliver. He emanated zest and if anyone deserved to have a long, happy life surrounded by friends and family it was this dear man. I personally will remember Chris with deep affection as will his many beloved colleagues. Our sincerest sympathies go to Chris’ three sons and their mother, Mandy, whose sadness can know no bounds.’

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