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The swissQprint Nyala, a 3.2 metre wide inkjet system, comes with a new tandem function, which keeps the machine running non-stop and makes waiting times a thing of the past.

The Nyala has an output capacity of 140sqm/h or 200sqm/h if the print heads are equipped fourfold with CMYK. The first machine was sold at drupa 2012. A further 15 machines have been or soon will be delivered to their respective buyers.

The principle of the new function is straightforward: the print table is loaded as usual from the front and the print job is started. While the machine processes the first job, the operator starts to load the rear half of the table. The printing beam moves to the rear and continues the printing process as soon as the front job is finished and the operator confirms that the rear job is ready to start. The operator meanwhile removes the finished prints from the front area and prepares the next substrates for printing, and so production continues until the series is finished. The machine works non-stop without interruption.

The new function is designed for a large series of smaller substrates. The print images can be identical or different. One conceivable use is the personalisation of direct marketing media produced using an offset process.

A practical test carried out by a user delivered the following results: the production of 1000 panels (format: 400 x 400 mm) had previously taken seven hours and 40 minutes. With the machine working in tandem mode, the operator was able to start processing a new job after four hours and 50 minutes. That equates to a time saving of around 37%. Tandem keeps the machine and the operator moving all the time. The new function is not only an output booster but also a keep-fit programme for personnel. Tandem operation comes as standard with the Nyala model. It will be available as an option for the Oryx and Impala models as of January 2013.

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