Visualplanet’s touchfoil transforms any non-metallic surface into an immersive and interactive touchscreen. The unique manufacturing capability turns non-interactive in-store digital displays, kiosks, totems and more into interactive displays with little to no modification to the existing display and without the need to replace them.

The touchfoil uses patented projected capacitance technology consisting of an embedded XY grid of sensing filaments within a clear laminated polymer film. It is easily laminated onto the glass or acrylic of an existing display or retail window.

The company also manufactures touchfoil variants for different display environments such as: touchfoil with integrated rear projection surface, touchfoil with ultraviolet (UV) blocking layer to protect outdoor LCD/LED installations, and Digital Media Player (DMP) compatibility for the emerging DMP signage market.

Advantages include:

  • Existing displays can be made interactive with minimum down-time and change to existing components.
  • Installations can be made vandal proof and weather resistant by keeping all components concealed safely behind the glass.
  • The technology can detect touch interaction through glass up to 20mm thick, allowing the product to be used through shop windows.
  • The technology is not affected by sunlight or other lighting.
  • The technology can work through gloved and wet hands.
  • The product can even be applied to curved surfaces.