Old School Digital Invests In ESKO Kongsberg XN 24


Old School Digital has purchased an Esko Kongsberg XN 24 finishing table from Antalis South Africa (Pty) Limited.

‘We have a passion for printing and finding solutions to problems,’ said Voland van Wyk, co-owner of Old School Digital in Cape Town. Old School provides solutions in computer to plate, origination and impositions, positives and negatives, digital printing and litho printing, among others.’

He added that they realised that investing in technology, and future business growth areas, would be the key to success. ‘We have also invested in various digital short run presses, to add on and complement our current Printing press factory,’ said van Wyk.

He quickly recognised the potential of Visual Communications as a value added service potential, to their business. Rhamon Bernstein, Account Executive for Visual Communications from Antalis Cape Town introduced him to the wide range of solutions that Antalis could offer him.

‘We do not sell equipment; we sell solutions to our customers. Their success is key to our success,’ said Bernstein. ‘This made it so much easier to work with Old School Digital; as our goals and methodologies were aligned.’

Van Wyk agreed with this saying that they purchased from Antalis because of their long standing relationship of over seven years with them. ‘We know and are confident with Antalis’ ability to always provide excellent technical and after sales services,’ he said. After investing in Visual communication printing equipment with Antalis, the next step for Old School Digital was to invest into ESKO Kongsberg solutions.

Purchasing the Kongsberg XN 24 finishing table forms part of this, and Old School Digital’s commitment to its clients and the industry. ‘Antalis offered the best overall solution on software and hardware. We do a large variety of digital printing for small and large companies that require dye cutting and this is primarily what we use the cutting table for,’ said Van Wyk.

This specific finishing table was on display on the Antalis stand at the inaugural FESPA Africa held in July at Gallagher Estate, Midrand, Gauteng and it was then that the Western Cape based printing company purchased it.

‘Visitors to the stand were given a demonstration on the versatility of the Kongsberg XN 24 finishing table, with materials from vinyl to boards and wood cut. In total two tables were sold at the show,’ explained Ronnie Louw, National Sales Manager Equipment, Antalis.

The table is ideal for companies that work on signage, packaging, display, and even current Commercial printers that have to invest a lot of time and money in die cutting, and outsourcing. It boasts a wide range of speciality tools that give it the speed, power and flexibility to handle a very wide range of materials. These include corrugated, folding carton, solid board, coating blankets, wood and a variety of plastics, to name a few.

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