Achieve Quality And Cost Effective Printing With Antalis South Africa


Antalis South Africa has announced major success with the Docan brand, having recently installed a Docan FR3210T at Imvakalelo Digital in Cape Town. This feature appears in the current issue of Sign Africa Journal.

As one of the largest distributors of traditional printing and digital papers, Antalis offers a wide range of digital printing equipment, digital and litho consumables and packaging solutions. Their multi–site Forest Stewardship Council® certification in August 2010 places them at the forefront of the environmental commitment still needed in the printing industry.

The company offers state-of-the-art technology, packaging software, digital equipment, grand and wide format printers and an array of consumables to help bring paper to life. In addition, their highly qualified specialists offer outstanding support, advice, and unmatched service through a combined experience of over 100 years.

Antalis operates through sales and warehousing operations in all six major regions across Southern Africa. Antalis also has a significant operation in Botswana. Its Export Division services Africa while its global network incorporates the Indian Ocean Islands of Mauritius and Reunion.

Servicing The Industry With 330 Professionals

Docan, like all Antalis offerings, is backed by a professional service team. ‘Service and support are a key differentiator for Antalis,’ said Managing Director, Raymond Waldeck. ‘Our products, together with our service and support, offer customers a long term solution for their business.’

‘As part of our long term solutions offering, our clients know that our technicians will be there when there is a problem with their machine on a late Friday afternoon and they have a job that needs to be done by Monday morning,’ he added.

People at Antalis are experts in their field as they have been in the industry for many years and understand not only the technology, but also the challenges their clients face on a day-to-day basis. The company regularly sends employees overseas for training, which they bring back and share with their clients. This forms part of Antalis’ goal to enrich clients by providing on-site training, repairs and customised service contracts.

Docan FR3210T

This 3.2m UV hybrid printer features extension tables at the front and back and can handle media from 1-50mm thick. It uses an LED drying system and can print on rigid materials such as: glass, acrylic, aluminium, cellphone cases, PVC foam board, KT board, Wood, Metal panels, ceramic tiles, MDF, etc. The FR3210T can also handle flexible materials like: paper, advertising banners, wall paper, mesh and self-adhesive vinyl. Printing speeds (with two row head) in production mode is up to 66-70sqm per hour (colour printing); in Quality mode up to 42-66sqm per hour (colour printing) and in Ultra quality mode is up to 30- 34sqm per hour (colour printing).

• Water cooling LED lamp.
• Solid belt conveyor with press roll.
• Crash sensor and anti-static device.
• High resolution and high-quality piezo electric print head can achieve excellent production performance and vivid bright colours.
• Colours: four colours (CMYK) or six colours (CMYK Lc Lm). White is optional.
• Vacuum belt table for accurate feeding and conveying of rigid and flexible material.
• Retractable linear alignment bar for rigid media.
• Automatic height detector can detect the material thickness and find a good position for best quality printing.
• Carriage has a crash sensor with high sensitivity to ensure the print head will not be accidentally damaged.
• Advanced all-steel Kyocera print heads enable simple and easy care as well as long service time, with anti-blocking technology. 3.5pl variable dot perfectly controlled at 1800 dpi and 2656 nozzles make the perfect combination of speed and quality.
• The double-row inlet ink tubes ensure even ink flowing pressure.
• Featured multi-level printing, with a maximum of eight layers at once, which allows for special embossed effects.
• The main table is belt-driven with auto vacuum generated negative pressure system.

Imvakalelo Digital Increases Productivity With Docan FR3210T

The new Docan FR3210T, recently installed at Cape Town based Imvakalelo Digital, has allowed the company to keep abreast of current market trends and to become a turnkey solutions-driven company.

‘The Docan is a pivotal part of our evolution into an environmentally-friendly production plant, as LED printing/curing is also much more energy efficient than conventional UV printing,’ said Ridwaan Jakoet, Operations Director at Imvakalelo Digital. ‘LED curing also allows us to print on a wider range of substrates.’

The company is exploring new markets with the Docan. ‘We are encouraging our clients to design around some of the features that the LED curing and Onyx RIP allows, like multi-layer printing and printing on thinner heat sensitive substrates, which we could not do with conventional UV curing,’ he added.

The Docan’s 3,2m print bed also allows the company to take on work it previously had to turn away, and it now also offers prototyping and bespoke printing for some of its interior design clients.

Imvakalelo Digital has a long-standing relationship with Antalis, which also made the purchasing decision easier. ‘This relationship gave us the peace of mind that support would not be an issue as Antalis committed itself to the Docan brand. Antalis had two of their technicians and a team from Docan assisting with the installation, which meant everything went smoothly and according to plan.’

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