Zytronic And TouchMate Install Kiosk Video Walls

Zytronic And TouchMate Install Kiosk Video Walls

Touch sensor provider Zytronic and digital solutions provider TouchMate have developed a video wall with kiosk features for digital signage and movie theatres. The video walls use proximity sensors to switch to self-checkout for ticketing when a customer approaches.

The TouchMate solution uses the Zytronic ZXY500 touch controller, which offers touch sensors with 10mm borders. Zytronic worked with its local partner JEA Technologies to design a custom 53 inch Zybrid touch sensor made from 6mm thick anti-glare etched glass to use on the video wall.

David Ellsworth, director at TouchMate said, ‘Competing projected capacitive touch sensors have issues with electromagnetic interference. This occurs when you attempt to place two touch panels close by or in contact with each other. Effectively, this interference prevents the touchscreens from working properly, which would be a deal-breaker in this application. The Zybrid touch sensors working with the new ZXY500 multitouch controllers don’t have this issue.’

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