Planar Releases Video Wall Displays

Planar Releases Video Wall Displays

Offering models in 0.6, 0.7, 0.9 and 1.2 millimetre pixel pitches, the Planar DirectLight Ultra Series premium line of fine pitch LED video wall displays is ideal for close viewing distances and high-precision visual images and video.

It delivers always-on, high resolution display experiences for unmatched visual performance. The Planar DirectLight Ultra Series presents several display technology advancements that, in combination, deliver big performance, including models with MicroLEDs, off-board power supply, proprietary alignment technology and built-in processing.

Featuring superior colour reproduction and high brightness, most Planar DirectLight Ultra Series models incorporate MicroLEDs that are much smaller than standard LEDs but deliver better black levels and up to three times more brightness while consuming much less power per unit of brightness.

‘The Planar DirectLight Ultra Series is really a culmination of marrying requirements from our most discerning and ambitious customers with the latest advancements in LED display technology,’ said Steve Seminario, vice president of product development at Planar.

The series’ patent-pending Planar® ActivAlign™ self-adjusting module alignment technology also maintains perfect pixel alignment over time, combating issues such as vibration and thermal expansion, which can cause LED modules to shift. Plus, Planar DirectLight Ultra Series LED displays implement technology that reduces light blockage and ambient light reflection, resulting in better blacks, higher dynamic range and enhanced dark content performance.

Requiring less power and producing less heat, the premium line of fine pitch LED video wall displays delivers a more energy-efficient solution that is easy to maintain and supports long life, 24×7 reliability and superb image performance for the most refined applications. The Planar DirectLight Ultra Series also includes Planar® Remote Power Supply, allowing customers to relocate heat, depth, noise, weight, service points and electrical outlets away from the video wall and into a rack room. Plus, with built-in video wall processing via the off-board Planar® WallDirector™ Video Controller and corresponding software, users can capture multiple 4K sources and arrange content windows while securely controlling and monitoring the video wall via user interface or leading room management systems.

The launch of the Planar DirectLight Ultra Series also introduces Planar® DirectLight® Ultra Complete™, a line of pre-packaged LED video wall displays designed to reduce the time, complexity and cost of deploying a 4K or 8K MicroLED video wall. Planar DirectLight Ultra Complete is available in 274.32cm (108 inch), 345.44cm (136 inch) and 414.02cm (16 inch) diagonal 4K resolution and 551.18cm (217 inch) diagonal 8K resolution display sizes. Planar DirectLight Ultra Complete arrives ready to install, providing customers a package complete with LED display cabinets, cables, spare modules, wall mounts as well as a video controller, remote power supply and remote control.