Zünd Showcasing Textile Cutting Process Solutions

Zünd Showcasing Solutions For Textile-Cutting Process

Zünd will present technology highlights for an efficient and automated approach to integrated digital textile cutting.

Zünd has created a workflow for state-of-the-art, digital textile cutting that begins well before any actual cutting takes place and doesn’t end as soon as cutting is over. With that in mind, Zünd will be showcasing its innovative solutions for every phase of the textile cutting process at Texprocess 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany, 23-26 April.

These will include the latest version of the powerful production software MindCUT Studio Production, which now offers a range of exciting new features. Another innovation making its debut at the trade show is the new Roll Handling System (RHS) for autonomous and uninterrupted roll feeding and cutting. There is also the Zünd G3 cutter, the beating heart of the digital-cutting workflow. The cutting system on display in Frankfurt will be an L-2500-size machine, capable of processing fabric rolls up to a width of 1.8m.

Feature Recognition is one of the MindCut features Zünd will be introducing to Texprocess attendees. This new feature enables the software to detect motifs and different parts of a garment using artificial intelligence so that it can position them on the fabric for subsequent cutting with the utmost precision. The process is completed in the blink of an eye by selecting the model, aligning the motif and reference points, and assigning individual cut parts.

The software recognises their positions and repeats them along the length of fabric. Cutting can then begin immediately. AI-supported Feature Recognition automates what has, until now, always been a time-consuming and manual process. Thanks to the extremely accurate repeatability of the digital process, it plays a key role in meeting stringent quality standards, particularly those associated with the luxury-fashion sector.

In addition to Feature Recognition, MindCUT also offers a Printed Cut function that automatically detects printed designs and Pattern Matching that recognises repeating patterns, compensates for material distortions and automatically matches the markers to the pattern.

RHS is a game-changer for uninterrupted cutting on an industrial scale. The system can hold up to ten rolls of fabric, which can be identical or of different types, depending on the job. The large, fully automated RHS enables significantly longer, uninterrupted cutting. It supplies the Zünd cutter with material completely autonomously. This allows extremely long production runs, during which operator interventions are no longer needed. The only remaining manual task is loading the rolls onto the RHS. As part of the loading process, the operator scans the barcodes of the individual rolls. The material assignment and the RHS is then controlled directly with the MindCUT software.

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