Vista System Reveals Runner Up Project In Design Competition


Vista System’s annual signage projects contest that ended recently attracted dozens of ambassador and signage companies from around the world, who provided images and stories about their projects.

One of the runner ups was the National Aviation Agency (ANAC) project in Mali Republic.

Barry Abdrahamane, owner of Poster Media Mali and a 3-Star Ambassador of Vista System for more than 10 years, had chosen a variety of signage solutions, each with its own purpose and advantages.

• Vista System small wall frames were used indoors for offices and restrooms.
• Vista System large wall frames were used indoors and outdoors for main entrances.
• Directory signs were strategically positioned to direct traffic in the building.
• Double sided post signs were prominently positioned to indicate direction for visitors.
• A huge triangular pylon, more than two meters above its concrete base, dominates the skyline with its huge graphics. This specific product was chosen as it was sturdy enough to withstand the strong winds in the area.

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