The Roland Gathering In Cape Town


Down in the deep where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, 108 gathered in Cape Town from the 5-8 February for the Roland dealer conference. Once the formalities were aside, the delegates participated in a team building challenge that took them to all corners of Cape Town, building sand castles with children in the care of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, assisting the elderly, helping the homeless, without even being realised that this is what they were being judged on.

Ricky Fagan of the Emmanual Baptist Church thanked Roland profusely, ‘We would like to to thank you very much for treating our children on Saturday. Everything that was set aside for the children, were just amazing. The children will always remember the 07 Feb. 2015.’

Congratulations to the top three teams on working together to achieve great success. ‘I often wonder why Roland is respected so much in the market. You guys showed me why. You are magnificent when you pull together, truly inspiring and unstoppable,’ said Bob Glenister of Roland.

The point was was driven home that the teams had to work together to achieve great things, which backs up two of the Roland’s goals – firstly to ‘be the best not the biggest’ and secondly ‘co-operative creative enthusiasm’.

The winning team won prize money of R32 000, well done to Team 4:
Robin Littleton
Amelia Pietersen
Michelle Froise
Brian Salthouse

Second place won prize money of R20 000, well done to Team 14:
Richard Bell
Amos Mpese
Lizl Goosen
Ilene Govender

Third place was Team 19 to win R12 000 in prize money:
Constantino Pateguana
Willie van Rensburg
Cheryl Govender

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