SMGG Releases Colex Sharpcut Flatbed Machine


Stanford Marsh Group Graphics (SMGG) has expanded its cutting solutions with the new Colex Sharpcut flatbed machine.

The Sharpcut is an integrated hardware and software solution that includes a fixed knife, oscillating knife and router (other optional add-on tools are available). It includes a camera system that individually adjusts your cut files to match your printed graphics. It is compatible with various RIP and printer manufacturers.

The gantry’s X-Y movement is driven by a precision gear rack and pinion system. The work surface is divided into six zones for the 1.5 x 3.0m (5ft x 10ft) model. Each zone has its own vacuum pump controlled by individual electrical ‘on/off’ buttons on the front panel. The power of the pumps is configured for most substrates used in wide-format printing.

Steve Guest from SMGG said, ‘Purchasers of the Colex Sharpcut can benefit from the same level of accuracy and reliability they might expect from more expensive machines. The Sharpcut is robust, has incredible build accuracy and is highly reliable.’

A Triple Interchangeable Tool Head station allows the operator to change tools within the same job without manual intervention. Three tools are always loaded in the cutter, allowing it to select the appropriate tool required for the job.

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