Textile Video Series: Challenges And Solutions In Textile Printing


In part one of the video, Midcomp Group marketing director Sean Greer discusses some of the challenges in textile printing, and how they can be overcome, using both dye-sublimation and direct-to-fabric printing as examples.

In the second part of the video, Greer talks the user through the calendering phase of textile printing.


Part 1

• Maintenance is key.
• Temperature must be accurate.
• Humidity is critical.
• Choice of paper grammage makes a difference.
• Mirror the artwork.
• Avoid bi-directional banding.
• Print a proof to avoid mistakes.
• With direct-to-fabric printing, always ensure that the fabric is clean.

Part 2

• With calendering, 90 percent of the issues that may occur are centered around poor preparation.
• Preparation is crucial.
• Any variation in the settings of the machine’s temperature and speed will affect the process, namely the colour of the print.
• Temperature settings must be at 200 degrees Celsius for Bird’s Eye Fabric, with 31 seconds dwell time.
• Settings may vary between fabrics and machines.
• With direct-to-fabric print, brown paper will avoid ink from going where it shouldn’t.

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