Summa Laser Cutter Enhances Textile Production

Summa Laser Cutter Enhances Productivity

Kendu connects brands with their customers through comprehensive communication concepts, content design, project execution, and campaign management. Kendu, a Spanish visual communications company, approached Summa with the intention of purchasing a laser cutter for their dye-sublimated soft signage.

They needed a cutter that was fast reliable, and capable of delivering high-quality results. The L3214 laser cutter met all their requirements, leading Kendu to invest in not just one but three Summa L3214 laser cutters. This investment boosted their production speed by a factor of ten while maintaining high-quality standards.

With locations in Spain, Mexico, and the US, Kendu serves clients worldwide, including major brands like UNIQLO, L’Occitane, Aldi, and even Disney, and across various sectors such as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Kendu handles a variety of textiles for advertising purposes. At first, these textiles were only UV-printed and cut with a knife on a flatbed cutting plotter. However, as their business continues to grow, so does the need to organise their production better and more efficiently. Over the last three years, they have been gradually transferring from UV-printed to dye-sublimated materials and processing those materials requires laser cutting technology.

Cutting proved to be a bottleneck in their production process. To increase production capacity and efficiency, cutting had to be at least at the same speed as printing. Kendu found their solution in a dedicated laser cutting machine, which is known for its high production speed.

They have been transferring from UV-printed to dye-sublimated material, which is known for its durability and resistance to fading. Summa plays a key role in this process as Kendu needed a laser cutter to stop the fabric from fraying and to create a perfect finish, which is done by sealing the edges.

It was clear to Kendu that they required a fast, reliable laser cutter that could consistently deliver high-quality results that appease their luxury brand clients. After extensive research and a successful demo at Summa, the company chose the Summa L3214 laser cutter, impressed by several key features they experienced:

Speed: a Summa laser cutter can cut up to 1500mm/s, which is significantly faster than their previous table cutter with a laser module added.

Quality: the laser cutter’s ability to seal edges provides the high-quality finish their clients expect, as is the capability to cut out the shapes perfectly as designed.

Reliability: Summa’s laser cutters are dependable and supported by a responsive service team.

Ease-of-use: Its intuitive design and user-friendly interface allow operators to master the machine quickly.

This led Kendu to invest in three Summa L3214 laser cutters, one for each of their manufacturing facilities in San Sebastian, Miami and Mexico City.

The integration of the new laser cutters went smoothly. Eloy Palacios, co-owner of Kendu Mexico, praised Summa for their transparent communication, excellent training, setup and support. ‘We find it important to have a stable company behind us that can work with us to solve our problems’, he stated.

The L3214 laser cutters efficiently handle all of Kendu’s dye-sublimated media. Eloy added, ‘In fact, using a Summa laser increased our productivity by a 10x factor,’ compared to their cutting table with a laser module added. At Kendu, the cutters are praised for their production capacity, the speed at which they cut the materials, and for producing final products with a completely smooth finish around the edges.

With this investment, Kendu has made a big step forward in production capacity, speed and quality, ‘We truly believe that Summa has the best laser system to cut our products. It allows us to proudly deliver products that meet our high-quality standards while being ready for growing customer demand.’

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