The Magic Of Signage

Signs, like magic, is all about the illusion.

According to SignForce, like magic, signage can sometimes be a lot more than it seems. Take for example the window in the main image. This is possibly the simplest ‘special’ effect in an office that can make a disproportionately huge difference in the way an office looks and feels as well as it’s functionality.

The sandblast effect vinyl used on this internal office window allows in a good measure of natural light, allowing the office to remain ‘light’ while at the same time giving the occupant more privacy when in the office.

The main image is of a floor to ceiling window that separates the private office from the larger, open plan office. Because of where and how the vinyl is applied to the glass, the large pane has been transformed to a fully functional white board for the open plan office, making the space a practical and functional space to meet, plan and display. Like magic, a simple sandblast effect film on the glass makes sandblast effect vinyl a cost efficient way to make internal glass more multi-functional.

This article was originally published by SignForce.

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