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Stahls will debut its Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion heat press in Hall B2/371 at FESPA Digital, set to take place from 20-23 May 2014 in Munich, Germany.

Ben Robinson, General Manager at Hotronix will be available to demonstrate the Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion, the latest addition to the Hotronix heat press line-up in Hall B2/371.

The heat press comprises of two printing stations that increase productivity by nearly 50% based on a single operator time study when compared to a standard swinger-style heat press.

STAHLS’ credits this performance gain to the Dual Air Fusion’s ability to rapidly shuttle between the two individual workstations and the capability to adjust application time and multiple pressure settings based on the position of the upper platen via its touch screen technology. With this technology, a user can configure the Dual Air Fusion’s A and B workstations for a variety of different platen sizes and accommodate various heat application settings, enabling a dynamic range of mixed-media applications.

With the Dual Air Fusion’s optional laser alignment system, operators can realise additional productivity gains: featuring four independently-adjustable lasers per platen, the laser alignment system enables precision decoration for full front, left chest and numerous other garment locations. The laser alignment system can be operated utilising the touch screen technology and lasers will turn on and off automatically to accommodate the station in use.

Dual Air Fusion is perfect for Direct-to-Garment printers as it makes pre-heating, pre-curing, pressing, and post-curing easy. Set your A station for pre-treatment and your B station for post-curing and cut your set-up and production time in half. With exceptional pressure per-square-inch, fibrillation is eliminated, making printed images crisp and vibrant.

The Dual Air Fusion is built around a sturdy, corrosion-resistant, die-cast aluminium framework and features a number of proven Hotronix innovations. Features include a touch screen control panel, Auto-Adjust™ pressure, Quick Change platen latch, Threadability™ and a cast-in tubular heating element.

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