Stahls’ Heat Transfer T-Shirt Vinyl Wins Category Award

Stahls' Heat Transfer T-Shirt Vinyl Wins Category Award

Stahls’ recently-launched CAD-CUT® Soft Foam heat transfer T-shirt vinyl has won the Printing United Alliance 2020 Product of the Year in the Media – Special Effect Heat Transfer Material, Cuttable category.

This new vinyl is smooth, pliable and adds a unique dimension to any item. It adds a unique and raised look to any item it is applied to, like popular lightweight and softer hoodies and T-shirts. It also has a smooth and matte finish.

The HTV is a smooth, pliable and dimensional material with a soft feel. This 3D HTV is a little bit of a thicker product that requires more attention when cutting, but will make users’ weeding process a breeze.

‘I love the Soft Foam vinyl, which is ideal if you use flock for a textured or raised look. We added numbers on Adidas jackets and they look amazing and very high-end for expensive jackets,’ said user Bethany Little, Star Sports Keller.