SloanLED Exhibits Signage And LED Lighting Solutions

SloanLED Exhibits Signage And LED Lighting Solutions
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SloanLED showcased its range of high-reliability LED lighting and signage products that are ideal for a broad range of industries and applications.

The latest additions to the SloanLED family were showcased at the recent FESPA Berlin event, including:

SloanLED PrismBEAM

SloanLED PrismBEAM extends the unparalleled, uniform illumination of the company’s prism lens technology products to box sign lighting.

It is a cost-effective, lens based LED lighting solution designed to replace existing fluorescent lamps. The superior efficiency, longer life and lower maintenance costs of SloanLED PrismBEAM make this fluorescent alternative for box sign applications positively beam with brilliance.

Designed for easy installation, it is available in standard lamp sizes, single and double-sided options, and delivers dazzling, uniform illumination at 200mm optimum, and up to 400mm maximum from the face.

SloanLED SignBOX3

SloanLED Exhibits Signage And LED Lighting Solutions

SignBOX 3, the new standard in sign cabinet lighting, adds revolutionary SloanLED Prism technology, resulting in unparalleled, uniform illumination via its state-of-the-art optics.

With superior efficacy, longer life and lower installation and maintenance costs, SignBOX 3 delivers maximum ROI as the lens-based LED lighting solution for new and retrofit sign cabinets.

SignBOX 3 is designed for fast installs and retrofits in single or double-sided cabinets. The ultra-efficient LED lighting technology provides bright, even illumination.

It extends the life of the product, increases the efficacy by 33%, to 156 lm/W, and offers 240% more modules per SloanLED 24 VDC 100W power supply.

To reduce installation and material costs, the width of SignBOX 3 modules have been reduced to make it more versatile during installation. It’s also manufactured in 18m (60 foot) rolls, which is 3 times longer, resulting in less waste and increased yield.

SloanLED VL Plus 3

SloanLED Exhibits Signage And LED Lighting Solutions

VL Plus 3 is the cost-effective LED solution for illuminating standard face lit channel letters. Available in white (6500K) and red, VL Plus 3 surpasses its predecessors with an increased viewing angle of 160°, achieving twice the maximum coverage per row at 25,4cm (10 inches), an impressive light output of 150 lumens per foot (6500K), and class-leading efficacy of 103 lm/W (6500K), delivering both value and performance in a solution costing 50% less.

It is ideal for single row, 125mm (5″) deep channel letters; uses fewer modules for faster installation and lower cost per sign and features versatile mounting options.

SloanLED Prism Enlighten

This is a low power, high-reliability sign and channel letter lighting solution, delivering a superior lifespan, and lower operating costs using fewer power supplies. SloanLED Prism Enlighten lasts three times longer than typical LED systems, with tests showing a lifetime rating of 150,000+ hours.

The efficacy of SloanLED Prism Enlighten ranges from 107-120 lm/W depending on colour temperature that includes six options from 3000K to 7100K.

This solution provides significant energy cost reductions, maintenance cost savings, easy installation and delivers exceptional performance with consistent brightness and uniformity.

This product is offered with an industry leading, nine year warranty, and is ideal for brand owners who value brand consistency and longevity.

The new SloanLED Prism Nano has been designed to target the acrylic block letter market with depths as little 30mm. SloanLED sees a growing global demand for these ‘micro’ applications for solid acrylic or channel letter products. Prism Nano will be available at the end of June.

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